Funny: Lego City Undercover

  • The into where Chase arrives back at the city through a ship. The captain's negligence to the outside people is just hilarious: a couple imitating Titanic fall overboard ("My love will go on!), his dancing ship crew also fall overboard (said crew was dancing to the radio), and he "smoothly" parks his ship at the docks at the expense of shipwrecking boats and drowning several people behind.
  • (jumping for the freefall in Bluebell Mines) I WASN'T READY!!!!
    • After hitting Chase's head against the wooden planks 3 times. I think I got a concussion!. What's my name again?!
    • And immediately after the freefall, a worker asks Chase, "You do realize there's an elevator, right?"
  • "I wonder if the chief will notice my new haircut? It'd make being bald all of past week worthwhile!"
  • In the basement of the police station, you can find a man pumping iron who says "I've been doing this for months, and my arm is still the same size. What gives?"
  • Frank Honey attempting to feed a horse.
  • The Court Guard getting pooped on by a bird.
  • The reference to cop shows. This includes:
  • When you unlock the Audio Scanner, you can listen in on other conversations you're not supposed too. One of them has an artist yelling at his subject of his portrait... his dog. And another has a guy ordering pizza from his mom.
  • The whole Shawshank Redemption level.
    Blue: (inner monologue) I have no idea what those two Italian ladies were saying that day. I also don't know why those guys were dancing, and how one got a saucepan on his head. There is still much I don't know.
  • After Blue smuggles a car in a giant cake for Heywood, a fellow prisoner:
    Blue: What's the matter, Heywood? Don't you like your new car?
    Heywood: Car?! (groans and burps out a tire) Ugh... (makes a car alarm chirp)
  • Studsky and Clutch. That is all.
    Studsky: (regarding Chase's pimp outfit) They belong to our friend Huggy. He has no sense of personal space.
    • When it comes to how Chan is going to get information out of Natalia.
    Studsky: "Like giving her [Natalia] ice cream?"
    Chase: What? He's not going to bribe her, Studski.
    Studsky: No, I mean I get really bad ice cream headaches. I'd tell you anything if you threaten me with it. Especially mint-chocolate. Blech!
    Clutch: Right...or they could make her drink lots of soda pop and she'd get trapped wind, because ladies can't burp in public.
    Studsky: Oh, my mom does that all the time.
    Clutch: Your mom ain't no lady.
    Studsky: Oh! I thought of another one! They could—
    Chase: All right! That really isn't helping!
  • The narrations for the exhibits in the Lego City Museum.
    "This oil derrick is over a hundred years old. Oil derricks are named after their inventor: John Oil."
    "This pirate ship was painstakingly reconstructed from 843 pieces dredged up from the bottom of the ocean. There were quite a lot of bits... left over, so it probably wasn't a pirate ship...before."
  • The "Nitrus for All" red brick works on every vehicle with an engine. Even Segways. You can see where this is going.
    • It works with wheelchairs.
  • Chase's Plumb-fu Training Montage.
  • When Chase is ziplining he uses something appropriate to his costume to support him self. In his police uniform he uses a set of handcuffs, as a robber he use the crowbar but what does he use in his civilian gettup? A banana.
  • The Goodfellas Shout-Out has several.
  • "I Know Kung-Fu... and... plumbing?"
  • After Frank Honey crashes the police command center he was delivering:
    Mayor: Dunby!
    Dunby: Honey!
    Honey: Waffles! What are we doing?
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