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Awesome: Lego City Undercover
  • Later in the game you have to steal a robotic T-rex from a museum. You leave fully expecting another police chase around the city and worse yet, your vehicle has only one heart. Except the t-rex is completely indestructible, completely unstoppable, and destroys everything in its way. So you basically stomp around, roar, and terrorize pretty much everything and everyone in your path, watching your block count rise as you destroy every police vehicle that tries to chase you. Epic.
  • The freefall Bluebell mines.
  • The final level: Chase pursues Blackwell into space, pilots a LEGO version of the Powerloader from Aliens in a fight against Rex Fury, who is piloting the robotic t-rex from before. After the fight, Blackwell destroys the spaceship that the fight is taking place on, which eventually leads to Chase skydiving to earth, backed up with epic orchestral music and ominous chanting, further made awesome by scenery that flexes the Wii U's graphical powers. Wow.
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