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Kane the Wrestler:

  • As a quick note, most of these fall in here due to Kane's reputation for being The Comically Serious.
  • Undertaker and Kane get one for this. (As an explanation: in the weeks prior to No Mercy, Undertaker had been assaulted, been accused of infidelity, and had his hand broken by Brock Lesnar, and Kane had to deal with the Katie Vick situation.)
    Kane: So... how was your week?
  • His promo with Hulk Hogan (who was still fresh from breaking away from the nWo) and The Rock. Especially when he christens his fans as "Screaming Kanenites"
    • Extra Funny: When Jerry Lawler utters the new term in live commentary, it falls in perfect sync with Rock's lips.
    • Best of all is when Kane goes into full Large Ham mode doing his Hogan impression - complete with arm flexing - the crowd can be heard roaring its approval.
    • There is also the fact that Rock is looking on incredulously as Kane goes full-on Large Ham while Hogan begins to grin and nod like this is a promo straight out of the 80's and is getting into it.
  • Kane cooks himself some Chef Boyardee pasta. The clip speaks for itself.
    • Doubly hilarious is the fact that he tries and fails to eat it through his mask, and all he can do is shrug at the camera.
  • A wordless one here with The Undertaker teaching Kane his Finishing Move at the expense of Kaientai.
  • During Kane's hunt for the person who had put The Undertaker into a "vegetative state", Jack Swagger was giving a promo where he sang the Boomer Soomer song (complete with bouncing Jack Swagger head to show people which lyric to sing). Kane appeared half way through the song and Swagger slowly deflated before stopping entirely as Kane screamed "WAS IT YOU??!" Into his ear. Considering how straight faced The Undertaker angle had been played up to that point, it was an amusing break to say the least.
  • In 2006, Kane and The Big Show proved that, yes, even big men can engage in some old fashioned mat wrestling. Too bad it was interrupted by the May 19th angle.
    Lawler: When was the last time you saw somebody that weighed over 500 pounds do a drop toe-hold on their opponent?
    JR: Well cut off my legs and call me "Shorty", I didn't expect to see a scientific match here tonight between these two guys.
  • The Brothers of Destruction's first match tag-teaming in five years, from the 11.03.06 SmackDown!, against MVP and Kennedy. If you're not peeing yourself laughing at JBL's commentary (and blatant marking-out), Kane and Taker's "Who does the better scoop slam?" contest might get you, as well as the Brothers breaking kayfabe to chat at the end.
    • An even better moment is near the end of the match; Undertaker has hit MVP with Snake Eyes and Kennedy has been hit with a boot by Kane. Kane's response? He's just shrugging his shoulders and then leaves the ring so Taker finishes the match. Or we can't forget them rushing toward the two in a back and forth to "One-up" each other.
  • The 3-28-11 RAW. Kane and The Big Show come down to ringside to watch Santino Marella (himself a walking CMOF and accompanied by his tag partner Vladimir Kozlov) take on Justin Gabriel from The Corre. Naturally, the rest of the Corre is there as well to offer "moral support." When Santino wins the match (which mostly centered around the ringside supporters beating the hell out of each other), he breaks into his trumpet victory dance along with his teammate Kozlov and his Kayfabe girlfriend, Tamina. Show enters the ring, where Santino shows him the dance, and Show starts doing it. Then Kane enters the ring and looks at the other four (Show in particular) like they'd just lost their damn minds. Meanwhile, Santino is trying to teach him the dance. After much effort and tension, we are treated to seeing Santino, Kozlov, Tamina, Show, and Kane stomping around the ring and blowing imaginary trumpets.
  • Kane-o-rooney, anyone?
  • 12-26-11. In the middle of preaching to John Cena to embrace his hate, this big red demon started a "CENA SUCKS" chant.
    • The week prior, during Kane's second assault on Cena, a woman in the front row can be clearly heard chanting "Let's go Cena!", while a man can be clearly heard screaming "CHOKE SLAM HIM, KANE!" A hilarious demonstration of Cena's divided audience.
  • Drew Carey is the embodiment of all evil.
  • During the RAW 15th anniversary special, Kane has met up with Lita. At first, you think there's gonna be some big fight and Kane mad about Lita marrying Edge, right? Nope. They're actually talking as in "So, how's the weather?" and "Seen any good movies, lately?" kind of talk.
    • Even better? Ron Simmons arrives and actually notices how awkward the whole thing is. One word: "DAMN!"
  • 6/12/2012: In a "tag match" with Daniel Bryan as his partner against CM Punk and AJ, Kane ends up in the ring with AJ (accidentally tagged in when Kane knocks Punk into her), who's been making flirty eyes with him and telling him he has a heart beneath his evil exterior. Then... she starts skipping around him like a schoolgirl. If that's not strange enough reading it, watch this. It's so understated, you can't tell if it's a Villainous B.S.O.D. or he just wants to get as far from AJ as possible.
  • During the triple threat title match at No Way Out, CM Punk had set up Daniel Bryan for a superplex. Kane pulled him down off the turnbuckle and tried to superplex Bryan himself. CM Punk then pulls him down and goes back to trying to superplex Bryan. Kane then pulls Punk down again, inadvertently pulling down his shorts and exposing his ass to half the arena in doing so.
  • 7/3/2012. At the start of the Super Smackdown Live!, during July 4th celebrations, Santino is having trouble lighting the BBQ for the roster. In comes Kane who just stares at the BBQ for a moment before doing the summon fire and brimstone part of his gimmick to light the BBQ. And the he just silently walks away as the crowd goes wild.
  • Kane's part in the WWE commercial advertising Raw's expansion to three hours:
    Kane: "I have to bake a cake?"
    AJ: "What kind of cake?"
    Big Show: "Mmmm... cake."
  • Raw 8/27/12 featured Daniel Bryan going to anger management class with Kane showing up late. The counselor then asks Kane what makes him mad, he then goes on and on about his entire career, complete with his inexplicable rivalry with Pete Rose, his various Moral Event Horizons against The Undertaker, Paul Bearer and many other wrestlers. What made this so funny was the nonchalant way he went about explaining these events, you would think he wasn't that angry based on his delivery alone. Bonus points for the rather snarky way (which was likely less Kane and more Glenn Jacobs) he alluded to the Katie Vick debacle.
    • Made even funnier by the fact it appears to time skip a few times, implying the list was even longer than we heard!
    • The icing on the cake: Literally nothing about it has been retconned, all of it is still WWE canon.
  • He and Daniel Bryan having to hug. It's just as awkward as it sounds. Plus with The Miz making up the rules like it's an actually match, for added hilarity.
    • While the premise of the segment seems like it should be bad on paper, the crowd reaction to Bryan and Kane (and in Chicago, too) really adds to the moment.
  • After winning the Tag Team championship, he dumps Gatorade on Bryan, AJ and Dr. Shelby. He then states he is going to Disneyland. Then walks away proudly declaring that he is the Tag Team Champions.
  • I'm the Tag Team Champions!
  • Kane and Daniel Bryan briefly stop their argument.
  • Kane vs. the Claw.
  • On the Christmas Eve episode in 2012, Daniel Bryan gives Kane a puppy for Christmas, and Kane's response?
    Kane: "Thanks! I'm starving!"
    Daniel: NO! NO! Animals are our friends, not food! (takes puppy back and stalks off)
    Kane: "Can we talk about this?!"
    • Bonus points for (likely unintentional) continuity as the dog was actually CM Punk and Lita's.
  • Kane is apparently Halle Berry's biggest fan.
  • Kane is super smelly!
    (To Hornswoggle repeating the chant): "DWARF!"
  • When Triple H and Stephanie McMahon talk to Kane on the Raw after Night of Champions 2015, he acts as if he didn't put his mask on and attack Seth Rollins the previous night. At one point, when Steph asks for the mask back, he gives her a high five instead. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • It's all too quick, but during one episode of Smackdown when Undertaker was in his American Badass character, the two are seen on camera right before a commercial break walking down a hallway in preparation for a tag match later on in the show. Taker helps himself to some chewing tobacco and offers the bag to Kane - who's masked at this point, mind you - who holds up a hand as if to say, "No thanks, I'm good."
  • During the 2005 Smackdown Special, after Kane interfered in his partner Big Show's match versus Rey Mysterio, the RAW tag champs were ready to put a further hurting on Mysterio until a familiar "GONG!" hit, followed by Kane's brother The Undertaker, appearing to rescue Rey. Show doesn't see him at first, but Kane, all too aware of his brother's scare tactics, can only look back, see Taker, and give an expression that says "aw shit."