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Awesome: Kane

Kane the Wrestler:

  • His run at the 2001 Royal Rumble match. Granted he lost the match, but he held the record for most eliminations in the match by eliminating 11 men, and it took 13 years for his record to be broken. By the time it was broken, Kane had tied Shawn Michaels' record of 39 eliminations from the Royal Rumble over his career.note 
  • Winning the World title after a full decade of being a mid-carder and holding it longer than 24 hours.
    • It says a lot about the fans' respect for Kane that he won by cashing in his Money-In-The-Bank contract on the very popular Rey Mysterio Jr....and STILL got a strong positive reaction for his title victory.
      • Also take note that this happened in 2010; meaning that this is an inversion of Thirteen Is Unlucky. Kane truly deserved that championship after going through all those storylines.
  • Retaining the Tag titles, by himself, in a four team TLC match. Also, winning the ECW title in less than thirty seconds.
  • The fact that he might be the only wrestler to have defeated The Undertaker in three consecutive Pay-Per-Views is one as well.
  • The return of his mask at the 2011 Slammy Awards.
  • When he starts doing promos, they turn into awesomeness. There's the one where he vows vengeance on whomever put his brother into a coma (Even though it was later revealed that he did it). Then there's the one in January 2012 where he's trying to get John Cena to embrace hatred.
    • Hell, I have to say this feud is one of the best that Kane has offered. What with the promos, Cena's reactions and the audience coming into add fuel to the fire, if Kane can turn Cena and give him the Adjustment that everyone's been waiting for, it would be nothing short of amazing.
  • On Raw 1000, Kane is being surrounded by lower mid-carders, angry that they've never been given a chance. They all look to be about to attack Kane. Thing don't look too— *DONG...* Commence asskicking.
  • On the 9/21/12 edition of Smackdown, Kane and Daniel Bryan, new Tag Team Champions, have to fight Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, after D-Bry and Kane cost each other their matches. The rest of the division is watching the match. By the end, Kane and Bryan are taking on the rest of the tag team division and winning, namely by beating them down with steel chairs. And they were actually getting along!
  • The Monday Night RAW after Paul Bearer's (legit) untimely death, Kane goes toe-to-toe with CM Punk and wins clean. Undertaker comes out onto the entrance stage and both Brothers of Destruction mirror the "Urn worship" pose as a picture of the late Paul Bearer looms on the Titantron... an awesome moment quickly killed by CM Punk bashing Kane's head in with the urn several seconds later.
    • A possibly accidental Visual Effects of Awesome happened in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment after this match. Kane's eye makeup started to run right after he was announced as the winner, giving the impression that he was actually crying tears of blood.
  • The 4/29/13 RAW, where he took on The Shield's Dean Ambrose and nearly beat the entire stable back single-handedly by sheer force of willpower. The kicker was he knew it was going to end badly, but he went out and did it anyway.
  • Jaunary 13th, 2014: A very minor one, but remember that he was the one who announced that the main event was the tag team steel cage match. In other words he helped his good friend Daniel Bryan get revenge on the Wyatts. It also goes twofold if you remember that Kane was the Wyatt Family's first target in the WWE!
  • Extreme Rules 2014. The fire bump. THE FREAKING FIRE BUMP. As well as this, the match featured all sorts of non-PG violence, including chair and Singapore Cane shots to the head, Kane bodyslamming Daniel Bryan on a car hood, and use of a forklift. The whole match seemed like it would be more in place in the Attitude Era than 2014.
  • He won the Weakest Link.
  • His actual debut must be mentioned here. After weeks of buildup and hype, Kane finally comes out led by Paul Bearer to interrupt the Hell in the Cell match between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. While opinions about the "supernatural" aspect of the feud are strictly YMMV, there is no denying that seeing Kane and 'Taker finally look each other in the eyes was a harbinger of the match potential the feud had.
  • Kicking out of the tombstone Piledriver, not once, but TWICE at Wrestlemania 14.
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