Funny / Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

  • When Zoe and Crow are riding on an airship:
    Zoë: It was nice chatting with you, Crow. It's been very informative.
    Crow: Glad to help, doll.
    Zoë: "Doll"?
    Crow: D'oh, I mean independent and self-reliant female person who's not an object to be ogled or used solely for my own personal amusement and pleasure.
  • The description of the robots in the WATIcorp Museum are pretty funny:
    [BunnyBot] The first BunnyBot was ten feet tall and weighted more than three hundred kilograms. After several unfortunate casualities - of which WATIcorp has been completely absolved - a smaller and lighter version was put into production. The BunnyBot has remained one of WATIcorp's most popular toybots, and it's still being sold to happy children and concerned adults across the world today.
    [Li'l Big Cat] Li'l Big Cat was WATIcorp's first furry robot. Accompanied by a very popular animated show, 'The Amazing Adventures of Li'l Big Cat & Bob', it proved to be a huge success. The show ran for eight years and ended with a very special episode where Bob - the reformed child murder - killed, boiled and ate Li'l Big Cat. Fans have been demanding the return of Li'l Big Cat and WATIcorp is currently considering bringing this popular and twisted toybot back to the markets - and to your screens.
  • The awkward elevator scene.
  • Wonkers, a children's toy, has to say "shit-faced" at one point, while relaying Reza's message to Zoe.
  • There are two taverns in Marcuria with interesting names: "The Salty Seaman", and "The Cock and the Puss." Zoe shrugs the latter off with an unimpressed "Okay."