Funny / Drawn Together

  • In "Hot Tub", Foxxy Love being so shocked by her being possibly voted out that she remains stuck in her "Oh No You Didn't!" position for quite a while.
    Foxxy: I am so mad, I've been stuck like this for 3 hours. (waves finger for many seconds)
    • Ling-Ling mentioning he's out there to destroy the houseguests "and give children seizures!" Cue Ling-Ling in battle, against a background of flashing lights.
  • The Live Action Cow episode. Especially (seriously, this is piss-your-pants territory) her battle with the Live Action Squirrel with Big Balls, consisting entirely of still photos of a cow and a squirrel with large testicles set to dramatic music.
    Foxxy Love: And there's no way to fight back! It clearly has no vulnerable areas on its whole body!
    [cue close up of squirrel's huge testes]
    • Which is followed by Toot spontaneously popping up with the group at the end of the "battle" and looking on with a "what the fuck" expression.
      Toot: Thank GOD I'm in the other story!
    • Not to mention the episode's running gag of Captain Hero breaking Clara's leg and running off. For example, during the initial confrontation with Live-Action-Squirrel-With-Big-Balls:
      Captain Hero: I can't outrun a cute little squirrel! Wait a second... I don't have to! I just have to outrun you! HI-YA! (Kicks Clara and breaks her leg, causing her to fall over) SAVE YOURSELVES! (runs off)
      Princess Clara: AH! F**k!
  • Anything involving Bleh.
  • Barbie commands you to stop your whoring and sodomizing, sinner, and shall cleanse you in her blood! There was a mix-up at the doll factory.
    • Even funnier, the doll that got her voice box says "Just pretend you're eating a banana. If you don't do it, he'll break up with you."
  • The voices in Wooldoor's head in the movie.
    • (cheerfully) "Really?! Because if you're lying, I'll cut you! I'LL CUT YOU TO THE FUCKING BONE!"
  • "That Toot is up to something, and nothing is gonna stop me from finding out what th-" "CRUMB!"
  • Toot's romance with Foxxy's grandson Ray-Ray, a.k.a. "the wall guy".
    Ray-Ray: There's just something about you and your huge fat ass that makes me feel safe. I don't know why I know, I just know.
    Toot: That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard!
    • The reason Ray Ray loves her ass so much? According to an incredibly racist PSA by Wooldoor, its because tribal people used to hide from wildlife in caves, and it's encoded in their DNA that anything big and round with a crevice in it means safety.
    • Toot announcing her romance with Ray Ray before walking in on the main plot of Captain Hero's over-exuberant hunting and an army of killer deer.
      Toot: HEY! YO! FARTWADS! The wall guy and I are in love and—what the HELL?!
  • This exchange:
    Xandir: You used to care about me... about us.
    Captain: What? When?
    Xandir: You used to tell me I was pretty.
    Captain: No, I didn't.
    Xandir: You used to dress up for me!
    Captain: Just that one time...
  • "Okay everyone! CIRCLE UP!"
  • In Toot Goes Bollywood, after Toot has vowed to start having more sex, every housemate refuses to have sex with her, including herself.
  • The role play session the therapist (Wooldoor) has the characters do in the Very Special Episode, which is extra hilarious, since they were ALREADY roleplaying, and the therapy session just ended with Toot and Captain Hero switching their characters around so Hero played Xandir's mom and Toot played Xandir's dad.
    Wooldoor: Okay Xandir's Dad, you be Xandir's Mom
    Hero [uses a girly voice] Fine, I'm asking for this! *backhands himself across the face*
  • The episode where Toot and Ling-Ling get stranded in Mexico and have to earn 500 Billion Pesos (20 US dollars) to pay for a fine for accidentally killing the "most beautiful woman in Mexico, next to Edward James Olmos...". (She really was quite attractive aside from the moustache.) The solution? Put a fake beak on Ling-Ling, and enter him in cockfighting tournaments. Oh, and towards the end, we get this exchange.
    King of Mexico: Guards, seize them.
    [The guards lie passed out and one of them vomits in his sleep.]
    King: Awww, this country SUCKS.
    • Another gem from that episode:
    Queen Of Mexico: I grow so very bored of this refinement and exquisite luxury... *a rat walks by above her, vomits up a cockroach on her cleavage, which in turn vomits up a smaller rat that runs off*
  • The lampshading of how Foxxy has become incapable of remembering anyone's name in "Breakfast Food Killer" as Toot discusses the conspiracy regarding the cereal industry and Wooldoor's contract.
    Foxxy: Tooky, can't you just be happy for Mapplethorpe?
    Toot: Why don't any of you assholes believe me?! And why don't you know any of our names?
    • From the same episode, we have an entire off screen scene during the casting of a new cereal mascot. Wooldoor is trying to get inside the room where the auditions are held, but is held up by a stuck door. Made even more hilarious as the scene just goes on and on, and that the receptionist helping Woldoor is Boner from Growing Pains.
  • After spending the entire episode angsting over a bad review from Entertainment Weekly, followed by leading a bloody siege on the magazine's main office, Spanky meets the reviewer and discovers the reason why the review was so bad. She's some sort of amalgamation of every topic the show makes fun of.
    Spanky: You're a Jewish, Conservative, Pro-Life, born again, overweight, Asian, homophobic lesbian chick who cuts herself!
    Reviewer: So...?
    Spanky: So maybe someone who doesn't happen to be a Jewish, Conservative, Pro-Life, born again, overweight, Indian, homophobic lesbian chick who cuts herself might not be offended by our show.
    Reviewer: I have every right to tell people what I think of your show.
  • When Xandir finds out that he's gay, after taking the trial of the Woodbeast that cuts the hand off anyone gay, he locks himself in the bathroom to try another gay test.
    Foxxy: What? The only test in there is a pregnancy test!
  • One of the earlier examples of Foxy never remembering anyone's name occurs when they lock Toot inside a closet because she wouldn't shut up about the Weinermobile, only to learn she was right about it.
    Foxxy: I can't believe we forgot about you Took.
    Toot: My name is TOOT!
    Foxxy (bluntly): I'm pretty sure you're wrong.
    Toot: I know my own NAME!
    Foxxy: Anyways we sorry fatass.
  • The ending to "The Lemon AIDS Walk" when Captain Hero has "won" the AIDS walk by brutally murdering or injuring every other walker before they finished a single lap, all in memory of his dead friend Popeye, he sees a vision of him in the sky.
    Captain Hero: Who the hell is that asshole?
    • Keep in mind Hero said his name less than five seconds before.
    • Also from that same episode, Hero befriends Popeye after he begins taking steroids so he can win the AIDS Walk, and at one point, we get this line.
    Hero: Me and Popeye were getting bigger than we ever imagined! Soon we'd become so powerful we'd rule the galaxy as father and son! Which, unless I've become completely misguided, is why I started taking steroids in the first place.
    • Other steroid takers at the gym that are seen while Hero and Popeye are going off to work out/juice include The Hulk, The Thing, He-Man, She-Ra, and Spider-Man (although we can only see his feet.)
    • To specify, the "Hero Shield" involves Captain Hero grabbing a random bystander and using them to shield himself from bullets.
  • "Breakfast Food Killer" is one long Moment Of Funny. Of special note is:
    • Quackers, a parody of the Trix Rabbit, beating the crap out of two kids to get the UPC codes from their cereal boxes. Then a group of cereal mascots show up wanting the UPC codes for themselves. When Quackers refuses, the cloaked leader (actually Frankenberry in disguise) has the Soggies beat him to a pulp.
    Quackers: I'll never tell, you'll have to kill me first!
    Frankenberry: Oh, looks like someone hasn't been getting his daily requirement of iron. Soggies? *The Soggies beat the shit out of Quackers with tire irons*
    • The mascot named Violent Retard, who isn't a cereal mascot at all, but the others are just too afraid of him to tell him to leave.
    • Wooldoor's welcome party, which is a scene for scene parody of Boogie Nights, which is lampshaded by Toot.
    Toot: This was supposed to be all mine! The cereal, the crappy friends, the word-for-word Boogie Nights parody, if you can call lazy plagiarism a parody!
    • The Good Times Running Gag. When a one-off character dies in the episode, someone says, "We'll always remember the good times", at which point the theme to Good Times plays, and even shows a parody of the intro.
  • In the episode "Nipple Ring Ring Goes To Foster Care", Ling-Ling is taken away by child services when its revealed he's only 3 years old, though considered an adult by his species standards. Foxxy laments the loss of Ling-Ling, as now the housemates fingernails are long and unmanicured, the zen garden is a mess, and their Tibetans have way too much freedom without a Chinese person around to oppress them.
    Foxxy: Living without an Asian is like living WITH a Jewish woman. Horrible and I have no idea how or why anyone would tolerate it.
    • Meanwhile, Captain Hero is struck by lightning when a nipple ring he constructed out of the speaker from a See-And-Say he smashed conducts lightning during a thunderstorm. The lightning charged speaker allows him to talk to his past teenage self in Smalltown, 1986, a pathetic, squeaky Totally Radical loser. However, rather than giving his past self genuine advice, Hero uses the speaker to trick his teenaged self into a variety of humiliating acts, such as having sex with a hero sandwich, earning him the nickname "Captain Hero", and burning down the barn during a school barn dance...while having sex with a hero sandwich. In the end Hero reveals he's only doing this because someone did it to HIM as a teenager, not realizing that he's part of a time loop.
  • The racist Walrus cutaway joke in "Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!" that involves being deader than a racist walrus lost in the Detroit projects after dark.
    • "Don't any of you schwoogies have jobs?" "The HELL YOU SAY-?!"
  • The episode "Freaks and Greeks" has a ton of noteworthy moments, including:
    • The a-plot which revolves around Captain Hero attempting to pledge to a fraternity that just moved in next door? The problem? Its not a fraternity, its a family of Greek immigrants, Hero misunderstood the mailman when he said some Greeks had moved in.
    • Hero keeps roofying himself, with stuff that isn't roofies.
    Xandir: That wasnt a roofie Hero, that was a tic-tac.
    Hero: *lying on the floor pretending to be passed out* Are you guys going to fuck me or not?
    • The b-plot revolving around Ling-Ling's dad coming to live at the house and falling in love with Toot, who isnt interested at first, but quickly changes her tune when she finds out he's rich.
    • Hero forming his own frat and tries to become rivals with the "frat" next door with various Wacky Fratboy Hijinx, in a montage set to the tune of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. Unfortunately, due to said neighbors not being an actual frat, and the usual over-the-top violence, it becomes less like hijinx and more like a harassment campaign, including TP'ing their house, a panty raid that more resembles a violent breakin, smashing their "parade float", which just consists of smashing their car with baseball bats with them still inside, and burning a cross on their lawn while wearing Klan outfits.
      • By the end, Captain Hero goes and steals their frat mascot, i.e. their daughter.
  • The entire Home Alone reference during Clara's side of the plot in "Lost In Parking Space" part 1.
  • Captain Hero wants advice on the firearms debate, so he goes to the Federation of Justice...which is actually just a group of homeless people who he's given hero names to, like "Festering Lesion Man" and "Screeching, Cackling, Covered in his own Feces Man".
  • Captain Hero buying guns from a vending machine.
    Captain Hero: Soon, I'll have more arms than the wackiest god in all of India!
  • Pretty much everything about Foxxy's sex ed lesson in "Clara's Dirty Little Secret", especially because of her referring to the male and female genitals as "pee-pee" and "gi-gi" respectively and Wooldoor sitting on her lap the whole time.
  • "Captain Girl"
    • Captain Hero finds a Mad Libs from the villain the Mad Libber and asks the rest of the cast to help him fill it out. For some reason, they tell him to fill out every single blank with "penis".
    • Later, when trying to make sense of the note so that he can stop the Mad Libber, Wooldoor asks how you horribly penis someone. Spanky responds by unzipping his pants while stating that he's only going to demonstrate one more time.
    • After getting Spanky to at least use "penis" to fill only one space when making revisions to the note, Wooldoor comes to the conclusion that the Mad Libber is orchestrating his scheme from the Penis Tower. Sure enough, he finds the villain at a very phallic building.
  • The scene in the movie where Foxy Love suggests that they can listen to the commentary to escape out of the sinking carriage:
    Xandir: Commentary?
    Foxy: Comminary. They usually have director's comminsary on these things. Let's listen to the comminary. Maybe they'll tell us how to get out of here!
    (The commentary starts)
    Wooldor: I hear them! Help! How do we get out of here?
    Foxy: Shut the fuck up and listen!
  • Dumpy the Wasteman. A parody of Frosty, but made of medical waste. He only says one thing.