Heartwarming / Drawn Together

Wait a minute, how can a show like Drawn Together have heartwarming moments? With its Black Comedy going on Dude, Not Funny! territory and disgusting moments that makes South Park look tame in comparison? The answer is quite surprising...

  • "A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special" - The cast roleplays what will happen after Xandir comes out to his parents, which involves him running away and becoming a prostitute, his parents fighting and nearly divorcing, and ultimately ends with nearly everyone dead. When Xandir actually tells his parents, his Dad simply says "Uh, DUHHHHH!", and they appear to be more-or-less okay with it.
    • Which is what the housemates said would happen in the first place. They only did the melodrama because Xandir thought they weren't taking it seriously.
      • And that in itself is pretty nice, considering just who these characters are. The fact that they cared about Xandir enough to do it "properly" after the almost mocking first roleplay says a lot.
  • Quite a few actually. The end of "Gay Bash" is particularly nice.
    • God saying he thinks gays are adorable.
      • And then God gets a... visitor...
    • The end of the b-plot wasn't bad either. Just the fact that Spanky kept his promise to Ling-Ling and gave him a paper hat with "honor" written on it (a gift Ling-Ling gratefully accepted).
  • Xandir and Toot's friendship.
  • Foxxy and Spanky offering the idea that the Bible is not an ironclad rule book but a guide that can help individuals personally define their relationships with God and live a better life. It's quite heartwarming, before the bloodbath begins. It also helps that Foxxy explicitly says that they're not trying to say their interpretation of the bible is the right one, but are simply offering another point of view.
    • Similarly, Spanky telling M_____ Mouse why he should spare the politically incorrect stereotype characters.
    Spanky: Don't you see? These cartoon characters are a part of our heritage, our history. Sure, they be a part we're not particularly proud of, but to deny it...well...that's just dangerous. Almost as dangerous as denying Holocaust, or slavery, or the playful advances of your shop teacher.
  • Ling-Ling begging not to be removed from the house.
    Ling-Ling('s subtitles): Please! I love these people. We from different cartoons but somehow drawn together. Drawn Together? Whoa, I just got that.
  • Captain Hero bonding with the Terminator sent to the past to kill Woldoor. Its this bond that eventually convinces the Terminator to give up his primary mission and join Woldoor's kids show that he was sent to prevent from ever existing in the first place.
    Terminator: Must....TERMINATE......The walls...around my heart...
    Captain Hero: Oh you....*Cue kiss*
    Clara: [Deadpan]You have got to be shitting me.
  • Xander, Woldoor and Toot getting Ling Lings father to come visit to make up for disappointing him the whole episode to get him to excrete a hallucinogen.