Awesome / Drawn Together

  • Hearing Timmy Turner, Wakko Warner, Elmyra Duff, and Ratchet swear and act vulgar on a Comedy Central show. How cool is that?
  • In Clum Babies, after Clara successfully gets Wooldoor to stop masturbating and producing his disease-curing clum babies by having him brainwashed into becoming a Christian, she discovers she has "the consumption" and starts coughing up blood. She then tries to get any of the remaining clum babies from Foxxy and Spanky while wearing a fake mustache before passing out. Foxxy takes the opportunity to kick her right in the gut while she's down.
  • Same episode, the slaughter, complete with flying doves as the VeggieTales expy guns down everyone in the house, even Steve from Long Island. Horrifying yes, awesome double yes.
  • Wooldoor gets one in the first season finale. The tension starts to rise among the housemates, and Captain Hero's refusal to put a tissue in the trash leads to a Mexican Standoff. Wooldoor jumps in the middle and shouts "ALRIGHT! LET'S FUCKING DO THIS!" He then produces dozens of arms with all kinds of weapons and says "I'm not afraid to die!" And points one more gun at himself! Pretty badass moment for the most innocent person in the house.
  • N.R.A.y RAY: Captain Hero, armed with more guns than a Rob Liefeld character(including a needler from Halo), goes hunting. One of the most epic overkills in history of western animation ensues:
    Captain Hero: BOO-YAH! Silent predator of the deep my ass!
  • In the third episode, Ling-Ling sews a freaking TV!