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Funny: The Dreamstone
The Urpneys supply a near unlimited amount of laugh our loud moments in the show, to name but few however:

  • In "Spildit", after getting stranded on a wasteland island, Sgt Blob attempts to emulate Urpgor and create a number of vehicles to get the squad to the Land Of Dreams. All of them fail miserably.
    • In the same episode, Zordrak enters a time vortex, only to get swept into the "far side", resulting in some unusual side effects.
  • Frizz's nervous breakdown after the team get trapped in the Dream tower in "Albert's Ailment".
    Nug: Quick, the window!!!
    Frizz: *wailing* I can't reach it! I can't REACH IT!!!
  • Sgt Blob treats Frizz and Nug to a drink in "The Knitted Balloon", the two cheerfully lie back and sip it before asking what it is. A grinning Blob holds up a container with an Urpgor logo on it.
  • Pretty much any time the Urpneys try to kidnap Amberley.
  • "The Invisible Blob", to make up for the obvious lack of animation as the invisible Urpneys sneak around, Frizz and Nug give endless frustrated commentary to the whole situation.
  • A rare example delivered by the Noops and Albert in "The Dream Beam Invasion", when they deliver an epic Oh, Crap reaction to a giant, angry looking Frizz and Nug and run off screaming like banshees. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Frizz and Nug, since it was the nearest to them ever spoiling a victory for the Noops.
    • Earlier on in their face off, the two try to outmaneuver the Noops by jumping onto a carousel. It actually works for a while.
  • In "Urpgor's Great Adventure", the Urpneys attempt to show a hint of culture to Urpgor and practice a choir recital of "Old King Cole". They are all silenced by an irritated Zordrak, except for one Urpney still singing passionately, who is met with a nasty electric shock.
  • Any of Nug's rather grim assumptions, this gem from "The Spidermobile" in particular:
    Frizz: We can't get out! We'll drown!!!
    Nug: Oh, I shouldn't think we'd drown. I think most likely the air would run out and we'd suffocate. I shouldn't think we'd drown.
  • Another rare case for the Noops in "The Jolly Bird", Rufus and Amberley attempt to cheer up a downbeat Spildit by playing around and pulling goofy stunts, one of which ends up with them bumping into each other. They laugh at this, however Amberley stops when she realizes Spildit is still despondent. Rufus on the other hand is rolling on the floor in hysterics.
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