Heartwarming: The Dreamstone

  • Let's be truthful, almost any time Frizz and Nug got a Happy Ending was rather heartwarming (at least ones that weren't an outright Karma Houdini). They couldn't care less if the heroes won or not, they were just thankful if they weren't suffering by the end of it.
  • Similarly most of Spildit's interactions with the Urpneys. While they are Villain Ball Magnets to pretty much the entire universe, a naive child Wut sees them for how harmless they really are, and will even Throw the Dog a Bone if they have suffered enough. Subverted in some cases Blob takes advantage of her, but even then, Spildit's revenge is usually much more adorably playful than from the other heroes'.
    • In "Spildit" (her first appearance), she offers Blob and his men a picnic. Even before they notice she has the stone, they nonchalantly comply.
    • In "The Return", she offers the three a trip back to Viltheed. Interestingly no one, not even Zordrak, seems that off put by her playing around in enemy quarters, with Nug even engaging in sympathetic conversation after being hassled by Urpgor:
    Spildit: I think it was very mean of that ugly one to take my leaf!
    Nug: He's often like that.
  • Some of the Noop's interactions with Spildit are also this. "The Jolly Bird" is a obvious case, where they try anything to get a smile out of her.
  • In the pilot episode, Amberley at first appears unsympathetic towards Rufus, chastising him over his incompetence. When he is fired however, it is made clear she is a close friend, comforting him over his loss and encouraging him to seek employment from the Dream Maker. Much like the above example, all she wants is a smile.
  • Rufus carrying an exhausted Amberley to a chair to rest in "The Knitted Balloon".
  • Blob's interactions with the Mech-Beav in "Bottle Harvest". There's just something adorable about the way he treats it, and the way it loves him to the point of attacking its master Urpgor when he insults Blob. Frizz and Nug are unimpressed at first, but change their mind when it breaks off Urpgor from another chewing out, leading to one of the above mentioned Happy Endings (as an amused Frizz lampshades).
  • Pretty much anytime Blob breaks from his Drill Sergeant Nasty behaviour and shows earnest camaraderie towards his men. Most commonly happens when Urpgor mistreats them.