Fridge / The Dreamstone

Fridge Brilliance
  • A brief scene in "Blob's Incredible Plan" shows Pildit dried up and haggard until absorbing water, implying Wuts require fluid on a frequent basis before they dehydrate and weaken (or even die) like actual plants. Keeping in mind what a barren desert-like area Viltheed is, it would make some sense why the Wuts are not favoured going there in missions over the Noops. Could also apply as Fridge Horror, keeping in mind Wuts have sometimes been imprisoned by the villains. What would happen if they didn't escape so quickly?
  • In later episodes, the show elaborates how much work goes into making dreams. In consists of several far and convoluted travels (including to other planets) to collect numerous rare and sometimes dangerously placed ingredients. Adding to that, almost every stage gets interrupted and complicated by the Urpneys' buffoonish schemes, and in some cases they even successfully corrupt them all with Argorribles upon sending them, making the whole convoluted process entirely for nothing. It would make sense if the heroes resent the Urpneys not just for trying to ruin dreams, but all the hard work they put into making them.

Fridge Horror
  • The Urpneys position is all around rather morbid. They are unwilling slaves to the Big Bad Zordrak, who is a demonic Bad Boss of the highest order. Defying or failing him in any form will at best lead to some slapstick punishment, and at worst have you executed in a rather unpleasant fashion (either Taken for Granite or fed to one of his carnivorous beasts), so they are often dragged kicking and screaming into a scheme involving one of his sociopathic right hand man's deranged inventions. The heroes seem aware of all of this, but have No Sympathy, and are usually more than willing to violently fend them off or even exacerbate their situation out of the sheer principal of bothering them (or even just for fun), with the Urpneys usually only awaiting a second nastier punishment when they come back to Viltheed empty handed. The final insult is that most of the crap they suffer is over giving people scary dreams, pretty much every rare victory they earn is tall order Pyrrhic Villainy. The later episodes soften the Urpneys' situation slightly (likely to prevent the heroes looking too Unintentionally Unsympathetic), but even then, the dynamic is changed via continuity not retconned, so the Urpneys have still went through all sorts of horror for quite a long duration of time (that is almost impossible to specify since dream makers have apparently existed "when the moon and stars were young"). This is only punctuated by the show depicting in excess how docile and impersonal most of the Urpney army is.
  • Note that the show heavily implies that Blob, Frizz and Nug were actually Zordrak's most effective team thus far, enough to leave both him and the heroes with a more pragmatic approach by the end of the series (both fractions seemed to happily torture and kill Urpneys willy nilly beforehand). Just how how pitiful and terrified were their predecessors, and exactly how many did they go through? If Captain Crigg wasn't sympathetic enough in the brief scene he had.
  • Tying into this, both the pilot and "Return Of The Nightmare Stone" have Zordrak specifically threaten Blob's men with execution if they fail their mission. It is only because the heroes suffer a rare temporary setback that Blob and his men aren't dead.
  • In "The Statue Collection" it is revealed that Zordrak successfully captured and petrified Pildit the First, ancestor of the current Pildit the Eighth. He has remained a statue in Zordrak's lair for supposed centuries (and inexplicably left unmentioned by the heroes), and likely crumbled to bits along with the multiple Urpney statues in the buffoonery of Blob's men. The current Pildit would have likely faced the same fate in said episode had Rufus and Amberley not witnessed his capture by the Urpneys.
  • In "The Return", the Dream Maker creates a transport bubble for the Noops out of a butterfly. Even ignoring the creepy Moral Dissonance about this, when they make their way to Viltheed, they exit the bubble and it is left and forgotten about, having likely popped or still stuck in it's non sentient state.
    • When the Urpneys test out Urpgor's catapult to return to Viltheed, they make several missed attempts before finally reaching the target, the unsuccessful Urpneys likely left floating in the depths of space.
  • In "The Shrinking Stone", Urpgor shrinks some random Urpneys in order to test his new shrinkray. They are never seen being returned to their normal size, so they're likely still miniaturized, having to try and avoid being killed by everything in Viltheed.
  • The structure of the Sleeping World as a whole. One side is tranquil and pleasant, the other is a morbid, lifeless wasteland, both separated by a strange deadly fog. Keep in mind Zordrak was a dream maker likely assigned to his own world so this was not his locale originally either, implying he conquered and polluted half of the planet beyond repair.
    • He likely gained control of the Urpneys by doing so too. Either half the planet turned against the other to support an invader destroying their world, or they were enslaved and the other half just didn't care.
    • In addition to that, what became of the planet Zordrak was dream maker of? One can only wonder what level crimes he committed there to earn his banishment, especially given the unchallenged power he and the head Dream Maker behold.
  • Giving folks nightmares seems like a Poke the Poodle level scheme. However, you tend to lose sleep as a result of bad dreams and you will avoid sleep if you know all you will have are nightmares. Zordrak's plan could led to everyone being exhausted and being unable to resist his takeover if the lack of sleep doesn't kill them outright. To say nothing of people who toss and turn when having night terrors and could as a result injure themselves and others (this was in fact shown in some episodes, if in an obviously slapstick fashion).

Fridge Logic

  • Both sides seem to favour sending their weakest comrades to do the grunt work. Zordrak always sends Blob, Frizz and Nug alone to go steal the Dreamstone. The Dream Maker almost always replies by sending Rufus and Amberley to stop them. While Zordrak can be excused since he is a jaded despot and doomed to failure even when he uses himself or another squad anyway, the Dream Maker and the Wuts are hyper competent Invincible Heroes who can take out any of the villains plans with ease the moment they step in (and usually have to anyway when the Noops inevitably screw up, why not just save time?).
  • In "Robobird" Urpgor explicitly states the title device's singing only affects people of good will. While it only annoys Zordrak, it completely entrances and mellows Blob, Frizz and Nug. The Noops however don't seem affected at all, the plan only works because they happened to like its singing and Rufus being careless again. Sooo....Blob is less evil than the Noops??