Nightmare Fuel / Drawn Together

Sometimes it crosses the line a time too many, and becomes High Octane Squick. A few examples:
Beware the Superman
  • Wooldoor accidentally shooting a truck driver, then trying (and failing) to tell the news to the driver's family...while wearing his skin.
  • The meat made out of Clara's forest friends flopping along to her song.
  • A crazed mall cop taking hostage and killing a random woman. For that matter, there are a lot of scenes where random bystanders are horrifically mutilated and/or killed with no further comment, which are very unsettling in general.
  • The candies made of the body parts of Wooldoor's relatives.
    • Which was a VERY thinly disguised Holocaust reference.
  • What Foxxy hints happened to "Timmy".
  • This scene!
  • While it is played for laughs, several scenes that focus on Toot are quite disturbing.
  • Several Body Horror moments in the same show also count.
  • Captain Hero in his Ax-Crazy moments.
  • Wooldor's transformation in the episode "Drawn Together Babies".
  • The Movie and Grand Finale of the series, also get several of these moments:
    • The scene where he was first introduced as the villain: The Boss. Besides its Facial Horror, its back story about why he hates the house of the drawings is also disturbing.
    • Clara's death. First her arms are torn off, and then she's killed by the guards, and although it was a Gory Discretion Shot, the scene is still disturbing.
    • The final scene of the film, when the entire cast is accidentally Killed Off for Real. Pretty disturbing if you consider canon for the series. (Which is why most people don't)