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Nightmare Fuel: Drawn Together
  • This scene!
  • While it is played for laughs, several scenes that focus on Toot are quite disturbing.
  • Several Body Horror moments in the same show, also count.
  • Captain Hero is his Ax-Crazy moments.
  • Wooldor's transformation in the episode "Drawn Together Babies".
  • The Movie and Grand Finale of the series, also get several of these moments:
    • The scene where he was first introduced as the villain: The Boss. Besides its Facial Horror, its back story about why he hates the house of the drawings is also disturbing.
    • Clara's death. First her arms are torn off, and then she's killed by the guards, and although it was a Gory Discretion Shot, the scene is still disturbing.
    • The final scene of the film, when the entire cast is accidentally Killed Off for Real. Pretty disturbing if you consider canon for the series.
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