Funny: Doug

  • In "Doug's Fair Lady", Doug was nervous asking Patti out.
    Doug: I was wondering if you would... (looks at the sign Skeeter and Porkchop are holding) go to the fair, stupid?
  • Mr. Bone talking on the phone, and breaks the fourth wall to tell the viewer to mind their own business.
  • Porkchop's jawdropping to the floor and him fainting when Roger's cat has kittens.
  • The ending of "Doug Gets His Ears Lowered", where Roger tries to chase off some squirrels who are laughing at the silly haircut "Fluke" gave him.
  • Doug trying to seduce his teacher as Smash Adams. "I was just noticing what... large, hair you have!"
    • Also from that episode, Doug's premature confession which lead to Mrs. Wingo saying:
    Mrs. Wingo: You wrote a paper titled My First Pair Of High Heels?"
  • Nearly everything we've seen of Judy's art school, Moody School. In some of its art labs we've seen a guy chopping a car in half with a guillotine, a musician playing a watermelon slice like a violin, two opera singers singing in a room filled with water without oxygen gear, and a guy just floating in the air (and noticed Doug and Porkchop watching him).
  • "My love lives under a Bluffington."
  • Doug imagining getting chased by a pot roast when he imagines what the bone he found may've been.
  • "In other news, Mr. Bone wears pink underwear."
  • Doug's nervous about Judy performing at his school. In a daydream, Judy pulls out Doug's underwear and tosses it onto his head, causing the entire auditorium to erupt in hysterical laughter.
  • In the episode Doug Didn't Do It, Doug is framed by Roger for stealing a trophy from Mr. Bone and as punishment has to polish 305 trophies. While Doug waits in Mr. Bone's office, Roger then sneaks in and proceeds to do some Evil Gloating. Only thing is, he accidentally turns on the school PA and his confession is heard throughout the entire school. And when Mr. Bone angrily bursts into the office to confront him, Roger lets out a high-pitched scream.
  • Mrs. Wingo is reading to the class: "And then, King Ludwig of Bavaria went insane." One of the most out-of-context lines ever.
  • In "Nightmare on Jumbo Street", one of Doug's nightmares involves Porkchop impersonating Jack Nicholson for some reason.
  • In "Doug Graduates", Mrs. Wingo admonishes Roger on what he wrote in the thank you card, "Roger, "Sayonara, suckers" is two words."
    • In the same episode: "Mr. Buttsavitch? Mr. Buttsavitch? Mr. Butt-" (chair turns around to reveal it's Roger sitting in his chair)
  • In "Doug's Bum Rap," Doug searches for Chalky in the school's orchestra, which is about to perform Tchaikovsky's famous "1812 Overture." It's best known for its finale, which features the firing of cannons in the percussion section. As Doug stands by, the orchestra begins their rehearsal...and Connie fires an actual cannon that's sitting on stage in the auditorium, prompting Doug to leap into the air and scream.
  • "Roger Klotz's Scream Theater."
  • Skeeter "watching TV by candlelight" in the blackout episode.
  • In "Doug Tips the Scale", Doug has a couple daydreams: In one, people are eating in the Honker Burger but they hear loud footsteps and hightail it out of there. Doug, grossly overweight, goes up to his friends and says, "Hey guys, what's cooking?" In the other, he goes to Beebe's party looking normal weight... until he takes off his T-shirt and he's morbidly obese underneath. He jumps in the pool and empties it.
  • "Ride The Hoss!"
  • Doug's imagined "romantic talk" to Patti after witnessing Judy on her date with Cassius in "Doug And Patti Sittin' In A Tree."
  • Doug's fantasy about Skeeter being a neuroscientist with him as a test subject in "Doug's Brainy Buddy."