Awesome / Doug

Nickelodeon's Doug
The Quail Eye!
  • Doug in "Doug, Mayor For A Day", when he makes the decision to "let the chips hit the fan".
  • You ever watch a show where a bully character or some nasty individual humiliates or otherwise upsets a character, and knowing you'd do so, practically beg the victim to punch the bully? Well, unlike most examples, Connie listened, and obliged.
    • To expand: Connie got invited to a party at Doug's house, but to hide a bad haircut she wore a large hat. Roger dared Doug to knock over Connie's hat, and when Doug couldn't bring himself to do it, Roger did. Connie is horrified, and while Roger is laughing his ass off (and was the only one laughing), Connie slugged him in the gut.
      Connie: Why don't you grow up, you big baby!
    • She then rallies everyone into a partying mood. As this was one of the last episodes of the Nickelodeon series, one could make the case that this was the beginning of the more confident, self-assured person Connie became in the Disney series.
  • In one episode, Doug is walking out of the bank and finds an envelope full of almost 15,000 dollars in cash. That is a lot of money today and would have been worth even more when the episode first aired. Doug turns the money into the police; and after no-one claims it after thirty days the money is legally his. Doug then sees a report on the news about the woman who lost the money. The next day, Doug finds the woman and returns the money. He returned a huge amount of cash to its rightful owner twice; and the second time, the money was legally his!

Disney's Doug

  • Doug borrows one of Judy's hats for a school project that Roger finds and decides to keep. Doug ends up being Roger's slave and has to avoid telling Judy what happened, as he had to sign a contract in order to borrow the hat. After being involved in a scheme to steal a plastic cow (It Makes Sense in Context), Doug finally admits to Judy Roger has the hat and won't hand it over. Her response?
    Judy: Why didn't you just say that in the first place? (Walks off-screen to Roger) HEY! YOU! GIMME MY HAT!! (Proceeds to slug Roger)
  • One comes from Beebee at the end of the movie. After Doug and Skeeter successfully get Herman, the Lucky Duck Lake monster, into the cleaner Crystal Lake, Bill Bluff begins threatening to make their lives a living hell before Beebee screams "DADDY! KNOCK IT OFF!" and proceeds to talk him into backing down and doing the right thing from then on.
  • The moments when Mrs. Dink demonstrates how she's a Reasonable Authority Figure as the Mayor and helps out Doug and Skeeter when they need it, like the time she had a shady record store owner arrested for stealing from Doug and making threats against him.
  • The Weight Woe episode has been sited as one of the more realistic portrayals of eating disorders in television. It even has Patti visualizing herself as fat and ugly when everyone around her can see that she's anything but.
    • While not as serious in tone as "Doug's Chubby Buddy," "Doug Tips the Scales" had a similar Crowning Moment of Awesome when Doug arrives at Beebe's pool party and finds that, like him, all the other kids (except Beebe, who is frustrated and upset that no one is having fun) are too self-conscious about their own bodily shortcomings to be seen in their bathing suits - Skeeter's too skinny, Patti has bony shoulders, and so on. Doug finally decides enough is enough and decides to have fun and swim, encouraging everyone else to do the same.
  • In the series finale "Doug's Marriage Madness", when Principal White faints and everyone starts arguing, Doug asks, "What's wrong with everybody?" and says it again a little louder. Finally, he silences everyone by going up to the podium, and slapping his shoe on it, saying loudly, "I said, what is wrong with everybody?!".