Radar / Doug

  • "Doug's Bad Trip". The episode is actually about Doug and his family going on a road trip, but the title suggests...other things.
  • Surprisingly, in Disney's Doug, the word "sex" is said in the Christmas episode [the one where Doug's baby sister was born, not the Wham Episode where Doug's dog is accused of attacking Beebe at the lake while ice-skating]— the first episodes from the Disney series had a mini-arc where Doug's dad is trying to give his son the sex talk, only for Doug to tell his dad on the Christmas episode that he already knows about it from school. And in another episode, Guy observes a cartoon with donkeys in it by saying "Hmmm, a bunch of jackasses."
  • Some of the last names sound dirty if you really think about it: Bone, Dink, Buttsavitch, etc. Though according to Jim Jinkins, he actually had an elementary school principal by the name of "Buttsavitch."
    • Even Patti Mayonnaise's last name could be taken this way considering some of the condiment's more, um, unconventional uses, and the fact that "Doug's Secret Song" is called "Patti, You're the Mayonnaise for Me" and contains lyrics like "Patti, you're the relish on my hot dog."
  • In the episode where Roger's cat has kittens, he tells his mom that he didn't know the cat was a girl. She replies by telling him that there's a talk that they're long overdue for.
  • During the Founder's Day Pageant in "Doug's On Stage", look closely; someone in the audience can obviously be seen drinking what appears to be an alcoholic beverage.
    • Similarly, not too many other cartoon series aimed at 11-year-olds probably featured a scene in which the title character fantasizes about plying his teacher with pink champagne - even if it is for no purpose more nefarious than distracting her so that he can get back an unflattering doodle he made of her ("Doug's Doodle", Nickelodeon Season One).
    • "Doug and the Little Liar": When Doug fantasizes about being a private investigator interrogating Loretta about her ability to speak Yakestonesian and asks Fentruck to testify against her, Fentruck appears at what appears to be a bar with bottles of all sorts visible behind him.
  • While dressing Doug up for his date with Patti, Judy says he should wear a handkerchief, "but not on the left." In the hanky code once used by the gay community, a handkerchief in the left pocket signaled that one was a "top."
  • The name of Dale's preschool is "Ding Dong Daycare".
  • In "Doug Tips the Scales," Beebe Bluff's (two-piece) swimsuit is the same hue as her skin tone, leaving little to the imagination.
  • Let's not forget about this gem of a line:
    Doug: The reason the lava keeps shooting up into the air is because I love you.
  • In one episode, there is a scene where Doug is holding a banner that said "I (heart) head."
    • The banner itself says "I (heart) headcheese" but the cheese part is cut off.
    • Similarly, a Beets-themed poster in Doug's bedroom which read "I (HEART) TOFU" (a fairly obvious reference to the song "Killer Tofu") was read by one irate mother as "I (HEART) TO F.U.", as related by scenario writer Ken Scarborough.
    • Skeeter also has a poster in his room: "Beat to the Beets."
  • A restaurant at the mall is named "Baloney Hut," and its slogan is, "get your butt to the Baloney Hut."
    • In another episode, the school lunch entree of the day is "creamed baloney burritos."
  • In one episode, Mr. Bone says "Young man, I want you in my office P.D.Q... whatever that stands for." (It stands for "pretty damn quick.")
    • It could mean pretty darn quick too.
  • In the first episode of the Disney series, after Doug's mom makes the announcement of her pregnancy, Judy gives a thumbs up and says, "Way to go, Dad." leaving Doug confused while his dad embarrassingly explains that it's nothing.
  • In "Doug's Babysitter" when Judy's watching a foreign film, the word testicles can be heard.
  • In "Doug's Lost Weekend," Doug refers to the aliens in a video game as "nutsuckers."
  • In "Doug's Brainy Buddy," Skeeter decides not to go to college because all the students smoke.
  • In "Doug's Christmas Story," Smash Adams offers martinis to Quailman and Race Canyon. Also one of the dogs in the "Very Bad Dogs" section of the pound is seen smoking a cigarette.
  • "Doug: Mayor for a Day" does this in the form of an Overly Prepared Gag: Doug helps save Mr. Swirly's ice cream factory by telling him to let an onslaught of chocolate chip ice cream hit their cooling fan, not only stopping their ice cream from melting but creating a batch of chocolate swirly in the process. The Mayor, who was too nervous to make the decision himself, sends Doug a thank-you care which reads "Sometimes, you just gotta let the chipsnote  hit the fan!" In fact, Doug himself had earlier used that exact phrase while talking to Mr. Swirly on the telephone.
  • There is an entire episode centered on Patti developing an eating disorder and while they don't outright say it's that, the fact that we see her imagining herself as fat when she isn't and it is stated that she's not eating enough speaks for itself.