Radar: Danny Phantom

Sam: "Let's keep this tongue free, okay?"

  • Danny's little shower prank on Vlad in "Eye for an Eye" at the Regal Hotel.
    Reporter: WE now go live with breaking news from helicopter 2 flying above the hotel!
    *Vlad turns the TV off and as soon as he does his clothes starts flying around the room because of the strong gusts of wind produced by the helicopters hovering outside his window. The wall seems to disappear as Vlad is in full view of at least 3 news helicopters, the winds causing his towel to fly away*
    Vlad: Oh, butter brittle!
    *Above the hotel, the specter speeder is stationed, Sam and Tucker laughing loudly within it as they watch an embarrassed, naked Vlad through an incorporated TV-screen in the control panel*'
    Tucker: Can you say 'too much information?'*laughs*
    Sam: *snickers* Maybe when I 'm done suppressing my gag reflex. You okay down there, Danny?
    *Danny is standing besides the building, making the wall and himself invisible with his hands*
    Danny: Better than ever! An Invisible Wall! Top that, Plasmius!
    • And then there's the other shower scene.
      Sam: Hey Tucker, Danny stashed away in the locker room as usual?
      Tucker: You know Mr. Modesty! After Gym Class, when he cleans, he cleans alone.
      [Suddenly people start laughing and pointing at some direction, Sam and Tucker make their way through the crowd and gape in horror as a naked Danny stands there, oblivious to everyone while scrubbing his head with some shampoo before he hears laughter behind him. Danny turns around and gasps.]
      Danny: Oh no… [Tries to cover self up.]
      [It's revealed that the wall that had been hiding Danny was turned invisible by Vlad's vulture minions.]
      Tucker: A ghost kid with tan lines... Who knew!? [Shrugs at Sam.]
  • Arguably, if you hear the full version of Ember's song, "Remember", it sounds like she's talking about having a one night stand, and the guy not remembering her the next day: "To you I did surrender/ Two weeks you didn't call".
    • The second verse includes the lines "Like dead trees in cold December/ Nothing but ashes remain", which some of the more dedicated fans believe is a euphemism for committing suicide by setting herself on fire.
  • In "What You Want," Danny and Ghost Tucker are fighting. They phase into and empty girls' locker room and Danny blinds him with what is obviously a bra.
  • Jack: "Danny and Valerie have been up in Danny's room. Alone. For hours."
    • Sam dropping her teacup in shock didn't help.
  • Danny: No problem, I've overshadowed Tucker before. I'll just slip inside and...(Beat) Get inside his dream. Heh. No sweat.
    • The look on his face when he realizes what he just said seals it.
    • Same episode, this sequence of events:
    Sam wakes up screaming, and Danny flies out of her.
    Tucker: "That must have been some dream."
    Danny crawls towards Sam, still on Sam's bed. They look at each other, and simultaneously look away, blush, and make excuses.
  • "Maternal Instinct": Jazz decides to go out, with Jack telling her to watch out for teenage boys ("They're like wild animals!") and she opens the door to find... a monstrous rabbit. Jack instantly leaps to her defence yelling, "Back off! She's a minor!"
  • From "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale"
    Tucker: Wow! You have access to the latest technology after hours?
    Delivery Girl: Yep!
    Tucker: What else can you do after hours?
    Delivery Girl: Just sign the voucher, sir.
  • And from Reign Storm, after using the ectosuit (still incomplete, consisting of the lower half at the time,) Jack is worn out and starting to faint...
    Maddie: Vlad! Help me get these pants off Jack!
    Vlad: Nope, sorry—that's ALL you.
    • And this from the same episode:
    Danny: ...Not to mention I found it kind of hard to sleep with my arch-enemy in the guest room next to me.
    Sam: My parents' room is next to mine. It's not the same, but I can't sleep either.
  • They managed to get an absolutely epic amount of pants-dropping jokes past the radar in the second episode.
    Sam: (in reference to Tucker trying to get a date to the dance) Does he have to take off his pants and act like a dweeb, or will either one do?
    Danny: *frowns*

    Danny: So, uh, would you...go to the dance with me?
    Paulina: Well, you are really cute, and, uh, have great taste in underwear...

    Danny: *grins* I'll do my best.

  • In Secret Weapons Jack slyly notes to Maddie with his hands on her shoulders, that with Danny out Skulking and Jazz in Wisconsin, they have the house all to themselves. He then motions to get the checkerboard. Maddie's somewhat angry, disappointed glare towards her husband suggests that she was hoping for... something a tad more grown up for two adults with available privacy to perform.
  • At one point in "Double Cross My Heart", the Guys in White use the euphamism "The noose is tightening". How something as blatant as this got by the radar, I don't know.
  • The obviously-stoned driver in What You Want. He even calls Danny and Tucker 'hallucinations'.
  • This little gem.
    Sam: You'd scream, too, if you were stuck in a sleepover with [Paulina].
    Danny: Actually, I kinda doubt that.
  • There was also a little scene in "Bitter Reunions" where an adult was bouncing around with a lampshade on his head. We don't need to elaborate further on what he's been drinking.
  • Vlad's line in "Livin' Large": "That sounds fun, akin to sticking hot needles in my—" The inquiring mind wonders on what he was going to say.
  • This little exchange between Sam and Tucker, the former trying to goth him up:
    Tucker: I am NOT getting my ears pierced!
    Sam: * with cheeky grin* Who said anything about your ears?
  • Oh boy. The one thing that people forgot to mention was Danny's little escapade in Memory Blank, when Danny was getting his memory back and they managed to get TWO shots of Danny sneaking out of the Girl's Locker Room intangibly. Some women were offended by this little Mid-Battle Tea Break/Power Perversion Potential.
  • "Reality Trip" has the following exchange:
    Freakshow: Your beloved children have but a day to return my Reality Gems. Should they fail...Well, let's just say I've got plans...
    Jazz: So, in other words, we're just gonna sit around until you get your stones.
  • From "Parental Bonding", after losing the amulet that had turned her into a dragon, Sam holds her head like she has a hangover and this exchange happens:
    Sam: "Wow... Did I have fun at the dance?"
    Danny: "Well, let's just say you had a roarin' time."
    • A Running Gag in the episode involves Danny's pants turning intangible and falling down. This line is one of the last ones in the episode:
    Sam: "Promise me you'll keep your pants up?"
    Danny: "I'll do my best."
    • As well, when Danny fails to chat up Paulina Sam says that he managed to 'drown in the shallow end of the gene pool'. While probably unintentional (the worst kind), as the meaning carried forward was her shallow personality, a shallow gene pool could imply inbreeding.
  • From "One Of A Kind", Danny finishes fighting Skulker and regrets that he has nothing to write for his report on Sampson the purple-backed gorilla. Then he looks down...
    Mr.Lancer: I'm surprised no one at that zoo could tell that gorilla was a girl.
    Danny: Maybe they were respecting her privacy?
  • In "Doctor's Disorders", Spectra tries to get Danny's DNA with a device that looks like the hose attachment for a vacuum. She ends up getting Jack's DNA, via the mucus on a tissue he used.
  • The exchange that occurs just before Danny removes his powers in Phantom Planet sounds rather...ominous out of context.
    Danny: Can we stop talking about my ghost half, please? I'm starting to think we'd all be better off without him.
    Jazz: Danny, stop! This isn't the way!
    Sam: You're a hero, Danny! Please, we can talk about this!
    Danny: ...I'm sorry, guys. (portal shocks him)
  • In "Frightmare", when Sam insists that Danny can't go into the ghost's dream alone.
    Sam: I'm coming with you.
    Danny: You sure you wanna do this? I've never overshadowed anyone with a partner before.
    Sam: Can you make room for me?
    Danny: (Danny turns intangible and then holds Sam's hand to pass the intangibility to her) You okay?
    Sam: Tingly, but good.
    • Then Danny and Sam fly into the ghost's dream and...
    Jazz: Wow. Those two are really...
    Tucker: Creepy!
    Jazz: What?
    Tucker: I mean... Creepwalkers at five o'clock... (Changing the subject to a ghost attack)
  • Episode 2 ("Parental Bonding") gives us this gem courtesy of Jack Fenton and his sudden, intense need to use the bathroom.
    Jack: Woah. That soda goes through you like Sherman through Georgia.
  • In episode 4 ("Attack of the Killer Garage"), Dash derisively refers to Danny as "that twink".
  • Another thing from "What You Want" is when Danny finds his (ill) parents in a giant tent in the lab.
    Danny: Am I interrupting something, that I hope I'm not?