Funny / Denji Sentai Megaranger

Di-di-di-di-di-diet crepe...

     Megaranger VS Carranger 
  • Picot can only grant 5 wishes.
    • Miku wishes for a big cake.
    • While the Carrangers try to figure out how to make a wish and saying the procedure. Kyosuke does the procedure hands on, causing the team to panic. Before they team could stop him, he said his wish (Katsudon), which come true immediately. His teammates call him off for it.
    • Cue this exchange later:
      Picot: If you have any wishes, let me know. There's 3 left.
      Koichirou, Kenta, Shun: Three?
      Picot: I fulfilled for Katsudon and cake
      Koichirou, Kenta, Shun: Katsudon?!(Look at Carrangers)
      Carrangers: Cake?
      Naoki: De gozaimasu ka?
      Kyousuke and Miku back off slowly until they bump into each other:
      Kyousuke: Cake?(Pointing to Miku)
      The others approache the two while glaring at them (Youko pouts at that time)
      Miku and Kyosuke: Sumimasen... (We're sorry)