Awesome / Denji Sentai Megaranger

  • At one point, when the Nejirangers are at the point of seriously threatening the Megarangers, Neji Silver shows up and throws some confusion into the mix. It's actually just Yuusaku. Why is this an MOA? Neji Silver is an in-universe costume. That's right - he put himself in considerable danger to trick the Nejirangers for a few moments.
    • What happend before that in that episode counts as a huge MOA for Shun. He figured out a VERY effective plan to battle the Nejirangers. The plan? Everyone goes using a blue suit.
  • For those who hate Guirail, even Hinelar gets one when he hands Guirail a Super Serum that increases his power... but then, Guirail starts losing his mind. He retreats and calls out Hinelar in what he just consumed, and Hinelar explains that, yes, it's exactly as he planned to punish him for his cowardly tactics and endangering Yugande. As Shibolena puts it, Guirail always said "Do whatever it takes to defeat the Megarangers", and that's what Hinelar delivered.