Tear Jerker / Denji Sentai Megaranger

  • Start with episode 16 when the Megaranger learned that they are going to die thanks to Poison Moth Nejilar. Shun can't become graphic designer that her wanted, Kenta won't be able to play games with his younger friend anymore but the saddest is that Miku won't be able to become a bride*sniff* They finally get better.
  • Episode 35. When Kenta and Miku thought Yusaku is going to die he doesn't.
  • Episode 49. Hinelar succeeds expose the Megaranger's true identity, cause them to be expelled. Everyone of them lost the will to fight the Nejirejia anymore.
  • Shibolena's end in episode 50. That's all. To elaborate she Take The Bullet for Yugande, make it back to Grand Nejiro to meet Dr.Hinelar one last time and died in front of him. It didn't help that she's the Replacement Goldfish for Hinelar late daughter. To make it simple Hinelar has to see his daughter die once more.
    • "Goodbye..Father.."