Awesome / Seijuu Sentai Gingaman

  • The end of episode 7 most certainly counts. With the Starbeasts turned to stone and the two MOTW fixed on destroying them, the Gingaman make a desperate attempt to revive them and unlock the power of their Kiba Blades. It works spectacularly. Not only are the Starbeasts revived, but they are granted their new silver forms, enabling them to combine into Gingaioh and take out both giant monsters single-handedly.
    • The BGM playing during this scene certainly does not detract from its awesomeness.
  • The death of Shelinda. Needless to say that even after she was slashed by Gingagreen she refused to accept defeat and dragged her wounded body toward him and use the last of her strength on her final attack. Sadly, she failed. The explosion from her death sent her sword fly in air and stab on the ground. Also, she is the first villainess to have died in a duel with the hero, SINGLE HANDLY.