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Funny: Gekisou Sentai Carranger
  • By its very nature, this is standard-operating-procedure. A highlight is the team's Face Fault in the first episode when they realize Dappu played them for chumps.
  • While they are identified as a biker gang from the beginning we never see them actually riding bikes. In episode 10 we see one of them go on a recruiting drive and we finally see a group of biker riding around town causing chaos and breaking traffic laws—on bicycles!
  • When they get their weapons in the second episode, Dappu gives them a manual to learn how to use it. The confused monsters stand by and wait for them to read it.
  • In another instance, Kyosuke gets hepped up on the idea of being the team leader and goes a bit overboard.
    Kyosuke: ACCEL! (winds up) CHANGAAAAAH! (Red Racer suit appears)
    (The others being to morph, but Kyosuke blows through them)
    Kyosuke: ORYAAAAAH! (runs off)
    Minoru: What the—hey!
    Yoko: Where are you going?!
    (Footage of Kyosuke running through the streets as fast as he can)
    (Camera pulls back to find that no one else is there doing the Roll Call / Super Sentai Pose with him)
    Kyosuke:, guys?
  • Episode 30: VRV Master finds our heroes after their first battle with his VRV Machines and treats them to his cold coffee with milk. Then they wait for him to leave, and drink it like they're in a commercial. With synchronised getting-into-position!
  • When Dappu's indisposed due to his space-naptime, VRV Master steps in and gives them the VRV Machines. But Youko remembers what Dappu told them before going to sleep, not to be taken in by random aliens, they could be Bowzacks. But when VRV Master offers them fruit drops, she remembers the rest of his advice, that aliens who like fruit drops are always trustworthy.
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