Fridge / Bayonetta

Fridge Brilliance
  • Just how the hell does Bayonetta actually fire the guns on her heels? They don't even have any trig— ...Oh, wait...
  • Why does Bayonetta give Luka the nickname Cheshire? He reminds her of her favourite, beloved toy.
  • Bayonetta has multiple elements of butterflies in her design: Butterflies appear when she jumps, her glasses have them, her entire shadow is a giant butterfly. Now look at the demon she summons to make giant fist and boot attacks - the game manual mentions her name is Madama Butterfly. This is also the name of a famous opera whose theme is an American soldier and a Japanese woman during the war who fall in love, but eventually he leaves her alone and pregnant with a child born of both worlds who will be accepted by none... and Bayonetta herself is the daughter of a Lumen Sage and Umbra Witch!
  • An example of why Bayonetta considers the Angels to be ugly? Need I bring up the Beloved who fell in love with Cereza?
  • Umbra Witches strike pacts with demons to gain immense magical power, strength and the power to summon demons to aid them in battle, in exchange for hunting Angels. When witches die, their souls are dragged down to Inferno, and it is implied that they are treated like any other soul in Hell. Should a player get a 'Game Over' and refuse to continue, a scene plays where Bayonetta is dragged screaming down to Inferno. When Bayonetta is at low health the pulsating shadow of several clawed hands can be seen at the edges of the screen, that is stronger depending on how little health she has left — the claws of those very demons, so close to being able to fulfill their contract with Bayonetta and devour her soul. Given how light-hearted the game can be, it's a chilling reminder of just how dark and 'evil' being a witch is...
  • With her foggy memories, Bayonetta could have interpreted Jeanne's first challenge in the past as an attempt to show off how superior she was as a prodigy of the Umbra Witches. Add in Jeanne's behavior throughout the game, and she comes off as a sore loser with a grudge. However, the truth is that Jeanne challenged Bayonetta as an equal in their coven with Father Balder manipulating the both of them into becoming enemies.
  • On the Wii U port of the game, you are given costumes based on Nintendo characters, which appear in game to give Bayonetta an aesthetic change. However, during some of the Wicked Weave attacks, most notably the Climax attacks, the costumes don't come off, which could be dismissed as a system limitation or something of the sort. But thinking about it in-universe, and how those attacks works, you realize that normally when Bayonetta doesn't have a costume on, she has her normal bodysuit. Since she's wearing a costume, she doesn't need the bodysuit, where she can extend her hair as much as she needs to in order to execute the climax attacks without losing her bodysuit.
  • Why is Father Balder's outfit and wings so closely resemble a peacock? Peacocks are often the symbol of the sin of pride and pride is associated with the Fallen Angel Lucifer.
    • For bonus points, Rodin, who is an actual fallen angel, has the same general motif when you fight him as the game's Bonus Boss.
  • Why didn't Bayonetta bring Scarborough Fair on her shopping trip in the opening of Bayo 2? Notice her comment about the cheap handguns being 'on sale', and the Word of God that her and Jeanne's different hairstyles are because they just felt like it, like normal people. Like a normal person, Bayonetta occasionally forgets things when she leaves the house, like her shopping bags, or a nice winter jacket, or a set of reliable firearms. She probably realized that she'd forgotten her good guns halfway through the trip, and picked up the handguns just in case. And like a normal person, she has a good friend or two willing to lend her a good substitute in such a situation, when a hasty replacement doesn't cut it.
  • So Paradiso and Inferno are affiliated with the Sun and Moon respectively. Strangely enough, this is still incorporated to the Angel and Demon designs in a very amusing manner. Whereas the Angels' haloes look similar to the Sun, the Moon is incorporated through a Demon's horns.
  • In Bayo 2, Alraune claims that Jeanne's soul is giving her such power that she thinks she could 'become the ruler of Inferno'. This makes perfect sense when you remember that Jeanne has summoned the ruler of Inferno - she and Bayonetta had to work together in order to summon Queen Sheba in the first game. It's entirely possible that being one of the only two witches to have pulled off that summon has left some sort of residue, and Alraune is picking up on that. note 
  • When you give Rodin an LP, he goes through a Hellgate to fight a demon and seal its soul in a weapon. He comes back, apparently having barely won. So why can't he deal with a single Chain Chomp? Because they're Invincible Minor Minions in most games, including the one this specific Chomp is from, where explosions merely stun it.
  • Jeanne being a history teacher in her spare time. After all, what better person can give lectures about history (namely the time period of the Witch Hunts) than someone who's actually lived through most of it?

Fridge Horror
  • While Bayonetta changing her look in 2 is all well and good, her non-special occasion clothing is made out of her hair. While in the first game, she wore her hair long (suggesting that her entire getup was basically her 'do), since she has short hair in's either her body hair, or from other...places.....
    • Bayonetta can likely style her hair with her magic, like when she had it super long and flowing during boss fights in Bayonetta 1 and during Umbran Climax in Bayonetta 2. Therefore, her hair is probably only from her head. If it helps, given the absolutely many bits of Male Gaze going on, we can see that Bayonetta only has hair on her head.
  • Are the angel's forms under their Sculpted Physique grotesque because it represent their inner evil? Or is it simply because Bayonetta is slowly but surely breaking their skin off and flaying them alive?!