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Four Philosophy Ensemble: Live-Action TV
  • The A-Team fits this perfectly. Hannibal (the Optimist), Face (the Cynic), B.A (the Realist), and Murdock (the Apathetic).
  • Babylon 5:
    • Ivanova (the Cynic); Sheridan (the Optimist); Garibaldi (the Realist); Franklin (the Conflicted), and Marcus (the Apathetic).
    • Alternatively, Franklin could be seen as a second Optimist, since he has some of the stubborn and optimistic traits, but is not as determined or decisive as Sheridan. Ivanova and and Garibaldi also sometimes share both the Cynic and Realist roles.
    • Ivanova insists that she's a Realist, but even she admits that's because she's Russian.
  • The Big Bang Theory: The main five cast members of the early seasons fill the roles neatly.
    • Cynic: Sheldon.
    • Optimist: Howard.
    • Realist: Leonard.
    • Apathetic: Raj.
    • Conflicted: Penny.
  • Blake's 7:
    • The Cynic: Avon
    • The Optimist: Blake
    • The Realist: Cally
    • The Apathetic: Villa
    • The Conflicted: Soolin
  • Charmed: Although Prue and Paige never appeared together, the Charmed ones all qualify. Prue (the Realist), Piper (the Cynic), Phoebe (the Optimist), and Paige (the Apathetic).
  • Doctor Who:
    • Just like they are a Four-Temperament Ensemble, the Pond family is a Four Philosophy Ensemble:
      • The Doctor is (Cloud Cuckoo Lander tendencies aside) the Realist,
      • Amy is the Optimist,
      • Rory is the Cynic,
      • and River is the Apathetic.
    • The first Doctor and his first companions fit, too:
      • The Doctor is the Apathetic,
      • Susan is the Optimist,
      • Barbara is the Realist,
      • Ian is the cynic.
  • Everybody Loves Raymond: Ray (the Realist), Debra (the Optimist), Marie (the Cynic with limited idealism), Frank (the Apathetic), and Robert (the Conflicted).
  • The Facts of Life:
    • Cynic: Jo
    • Optimist: Natalie
    • Realist (more of a pragmatist): Blair
    • Conflicted: Tootie
  • Family Ties: Steve (the Cynic), Elyse (the Optimist), Alex (the Realist), Jennifer (the Apathetic), and Mallory (the Conflicted).
  • Firefly: Original crew is Jayne (the Cynic), Inara (the Optimist), Mal (the Realist), Zoe (the supporting Realist), Wash (the Apathetic) and Kaylee (the Conflicted).
    • Later, add in Simon (the other Optimist), Book (the other Realist), and River (the other Apathetic).
  • Fraggle Rock:
    • The Cynic: Boober
    • The Optimist: Mokie
    • The Realist: Gobo
    • The Apathetic: Red
    • The Conflicted: Wembly
  • Frasier: Frasier (the Optimist), Niles (the Realist), Daphne (the Conflicted), Roz (the Apathetic), and Martin (the Cynic).
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Among the four main males, Will (the Optimist), Carlton (the Cynic), Uncle Phil (the Realist), and Geoffrey (the Apathetic)
  • Friends: Rachel (the Conflicted), Ross and Monica (the two Realists), Chandler (the Cynic), Joey (the Optimist), and Phoebe (the Apathetic).
  • Fringe: Peter (the Cynic), Walter (the Optimist), Olivia (the Realist), and Astrid (the Apathetic).
  • House — Beginning of the show: House (the Cynic), Cameron (the Optimist), Foreman (the Realist), and Chase (the Apathetic).
    • In the eighth season, House, Chase and Taub keep their positions with Adams as the Optimist and Park as the Realist.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Ted (the Conflicted), Marshall (the Optimist), Lily (the Realist), Robin (the Cynic), and Barney (the Apathetic).
  • iCarly: Sam (The Cynic), Carly (The Optimist), Freddie (the Realist), and Spencer (the Apathetic).
  • The Middle: Axl (the Cynic), Sue (the Optimist), Mike (the Realist), Brick (the Apathetic), and Frankie (the Conflicted).
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (first generation)
    • Optimist: Zack, Black Ranger
    • Cynic: Billy, Blue Ranger
    • Realist: Trini, Yellow Ranger
    • Apathetic: Kimberly, Pink Ranger.
    • Conflicted: Jason, Red Ranger.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (second generation)
    • Optimist: Rocky, Red Ranger II
    • Cynic: Kat, Pink Ranger II
    • Realist: Aisha, Yellow Ranger II
    • Apathetic: Tommy, White Ranger.
    • Conflicted: Adam, Black Ranger II
  • The Nanny: Among the four main adults, Fran Fine (the Optimist), Maxwell Sheffield (the Realist), Niles (the Apathetic), and C.C. Babcock (the Cynic).
  • Psych of all shows has this trope present with Shawn (the Apathetic), Gus (the Realist), Lassie (the Cynic), and Juliet (the Optimist).
  • Leckie's group of friends on The Pacific: Hoosier (the Cynic), Runner (the Apathetic), Chuckler (the Optimist), and Leckie (the Realist).
  • Red Dwarf:
    • Optimist: David Lister, always hopeful in the crew's plans, almost to the point of blind hope in the absence of no logical certainty that the plan will run smoothly. Will be the first one to support looting a spaceship on the verge of exploding, just so he could get a supply of curry.
    • Cynic: Arnold Rimmer. He'll pretty much say no to any plan, percieving it to be too risky. Has practically no faith in anything.
    • Realist: Probably Kryten. He'll acknowledge that Lister is being overly optimistic, and that his plan probably is suicidal, but yet informs Rimmer that even though a mission might be dangerous, they are in danger (of possible low food supplies) and must take the chance to survive anyway.
    • Conflicted: The Cat. While he will usually side with Rimmer's cowardly and self-serving plans, he will sometimes back up Lister's dnagerous and insane ideas on the account that he hates Rimmer.
    • Apathetic: This role is fufilled by Holly in earlier episodes, and Kochanski in later, as they will usually stand in the background while above four bicker and occasionally put in their own plans.
  • Spartacus series:
    • Vengeance: Spartacus is The realist, Crixus is The Optimist, Agron is The Cynic, Oenomaus is The Conflicted and Gannicus is The Apathetic.
    • War of the Damned: Spartacus has become The Optimist, Crixus became The Cynic, Gannicus is still The Apathetic and Agron becomes The Realist.
  • Star Trek As a whole actually works in this. Each show falls under one of these. Star Trek: The Original Series is The Optimist, Star Trek: The Next Generation is The Realist, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is The Cynic, Star Trek: Voyager is The Apathetic, and Star Trek: Enterprise is The Conflicted.
    • Star Trek: The Original Series: These roles are fairly clean-cut.
      • Realists: Kirk, Sulu
      • Cynic: Spock
      • Optimists: McCoy, Chekhov
      • Apathetics: Uhura, Nurse Chapel
      • Conflicted: Scotty
    • Star Trek: Voyager: While there are obviously more than four or five characters, the overlapped roles have characters that fall under different aspects of each role. For example, Tuvok is the coldly-logical Cynic, Paris is the street smart Cynic and Torres embodies raw hostility.
      • Cynics: Tuvok, Paris, Torres
      • Optimist: Neelix
      • Realists: Janeway, The Doctor
      • Apathetics: Chakotay, Seven
      • Conflicteds: Kim, Kes
  • Stargate Atlantis
    • Cynic: Rodney McKay
    • Optimist: Teyla Emmagan
    • Realist: John Sheppard
    • Apathetic: Ronon Dex
  • Stargate SG-1
    • Cynic: Jack O'neill
    • Realist: Samantha Carter
    • Optimist: Daniel Jackson
    • Apathetic: Teal'c
  • Torchwood: Jack (the Realist), Owen (the Cynic), Gwen (the Optimist), and Toshiko and Ianto (the twin Apathetics).
  • Victorious, before Tori shows up: Jade (The Cynic), Cat (The Optimist), Robbie (the Realist), and Beck and Andre share the Apathetic role.
  • The Young Ones has Rick as the Optimist, Neil as the Cynic, Mike as the Realist, and Vyven as the Apathetic.

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