Four Philosophy Ensemble: Literature

  • In Akata Witch, Orlu (the Cynic), Sasha (the Apathetic), and Sunny and Chichi switch between the Optimist and the Realist.
  • Catherine, in terms of Vincent and his three bros: Orlando (the Cynic), Toby (the Optimist), Jonny (the Realist), and Vincent himself (the Conflicted, unsurprisingly).
  • Chronicles of Narnia: Peter and Lucy (the Optimists), Edmund (the Cynic), and Susan (the Realist).
  • Circle of Magic: Tris as Cynic, Sandry as Optimist, Briar as Realist, Daja as Apathetic.
  • The Hogwarts houses (and a generalization of their students) in the Harry Potter series:
    • The Optimist: Gryffindor
    • The Cynic: Slytherin
    • The Apathetic: Ravenclaw
    • The Realist: Hufflepuff
  • Last Scenario: Hilbert (the Idealist), Matilda (the Cynic), Thorve (the Realist), and Lorenza (the Conflicted). The other three party members are all Apathetic for some reason or another; Randolph is the "just along for the ride" variety, Ethan mostly keeps his thoughts to himself, and Zawu (and later Ethan as well) has a different set of goals and priorities.
  • Lonely Werewolf Girl: Kalix (the Cynic), Moonglow (the Realist), Vex (the Optimist) and Daniel (the Apathetic).
    • Beauty and Delicious (co-Optimists), Dominil (the Cynic), Thrix (the Realist) and Malveria (the Apathetic).
  • Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice: Mary (the Cynic), Jane (the Optimist), Kitty (the Realist), Lydia (the Apathetic), and Lizzy (the Conflicted).
  • In The Three Musketeers, you have Athos as the Cynic, D'Artagnan as the Optimist, Aramis as the Realist, and Porthos as the Apathetic.
  • The five dragonets in the Wings of Fire series fill out all five philosophies. The Hero Tsunami is the Realist, The Lancer Glory is the Cynic, The Big Guy Clay is the Conflicted, The Smart Guy Starflight is the Apathetic, and The Chick Sunny is the Optimist.
  • In Överenskommelser by Simona Ahrnstedt, Beatrice (self-sacrificing, stubborn, impulsive and plucky) is the Optimist, Seth (a Knight in Sour Armor with questionable morality) is the Cynic, Sofia (a lovely but weak Extreme Doormat) is the Conflicted, and Johan (a Nice Guy, who will often take the middle ground) is the Realist.
    • And in "De skandalösa", Magdalena (a Broken Bird Stepford Snarker) is the Cynic, Gabriel (self-sacrificing, stubborn and impulsive) is the Optimist, Venus (another lovely but weak Extreme Doormat) is the Conflicted and Ossian (a Dork Knight, who will often take the middle ground) is the Realist.