Film / Trinity
aka: They Call Me Trinity

A duology of Italian Spaghetti Western movies starring Terence Hill as the eponymous Trinity and Bud Spencer as his older brother Bambino. The movies were written and directed by Enzo Barboni and quickly became a runaway success, spawning the entire genre of Western comedy in The '70s. The films also played a major role in consolidating Hill and Spencer's fame as Those Two Actors, and they went on to co-star in over a dozen more movies.

The first movie has been accidentally released into the public domain upon its release. There are other films published under the Trinity brand but only these two are true to canon. The rest are earlier, more serious and grim films also starring Hill and Spencer but in different roles.

The movies contain examples of following tropes:

  • As the Good Book Says...: In the first movie, it is actually a quote from Book of Ecclesiastes that finally convinces the Mormons to fight for their rights.
  • Badass Family: We only see Trinity and Bambino's parents for a short time, but it quickly becomes apparent where they got it from.
  • Bloodstained Glass Windows: There is no actual blood spilled, but the final fight scene in the second movie takes place inside a monastery. With the monks participating.
  • Cut a Slice, Take the Rest: In the beginning of the first movie, Trinity drifts into a bar to have a meal after a long journey. The bartender gives him two scoops of beans. However he eats from the pan and proceeds to empty it under the disgusted looks of the others.
  • Embarrassing First Name: "Shut up, and don't call me 'Bambino'."
  • Extremity Extremist: Shy from the first movie fights only using his legs and feet.
  • Fastest Gun in the West: Trinity is acknowledged as the one in the beginning of the first movie. And it shows.
    • Bambino is pretty fast too, though.
  • Faux Affably Evil: The Big Bad of the first movie, Major Harriman, is cruel enough to want to massacre a settlement of religious pacifists (women and children included) just to pasture his horses, but he is also witty, cultivated and a very polite Southern Gentleman. He even tips his hat to the heroes as he rides off in defeat.
  • French Cuisine Is Haughty: In the second movie, the two borderline-illiterate outlaw brothers suddenly find themselves really rich, buy smart suits and go to an expensive French restaurant. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Gunslinger: Trinity is known as "the Right Hand of the Devil". Appropriately, Bambino is "the Left Hand". In case you haven't figured it out, he is left-handed.
    • To the point that the German dub was given the title "Die rechte und die linke Hand des Teufels" (The Devil's right and left hand).
  • Gun Twirling: At one point in the second movie, Trinity manages to bitch-slap a guy fifteen times, twirling out a gun to his face with the same hand, to and from its holster. Before said guy even has a chance to reach out for his own! To give an idea of how fast he did it, when done at full speed each slap was timed at just under two seconds!
  • Implacable Man: Bambino is unstoppable in a brawl. Trinity, who is quite fast and hits very hard, accidentally punched Bambino in the first movie, which only garnered an annoyed look from him. Trinity immediately apologized and slunk away.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills:
    • Trinity has quite godlike powers with his revolver.
    • As is Bambino. At one point, the Big Bad of the second movie is attempting to passively threaten the brothers. Trinity quick-draws, fires from the hip, and extinguishes a cigarette one of the Mooks was smoking. Then Bambino pulls the same trick to relight it.
  • The Juggernaut: Bambino is only once given trouble in a physical fight in both films, and that was when he was dogpiled by thirty men. Once a few were pulled off, he sent the rest flying. In another instance, a guy keeps finding bigger and bigger things to hit him with, and it's a No-Sell every time. Even Trinity's punch doesn't do much more than annoy him, and Trinity very quickly apologizes and gets away from Bambino immediately after.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Trinity, unlike his brother, is as fast in a fistfight as he is with his gun, and when he accidentally punches Bambino in the face, it's the only time in two films that any attack actually affects Bambino. Granted, it only knocked Bambino's head back and he looked annoyed afterwards, but the guy who broke a table on him got less reaction.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Trinity is known as the Right Hand of the Devil, due to his quickdraw and godlike aim. His older brother, Bambino, is known as the Left Hand of the Devil for being left-handed and just as quick and deadly.
  • Offhand Backhand: You have read the above above about Trinity's gun skills, right?
  • Perfect Pacifist People: The Mormons in the first movie, until an appropriate quote is found in the Bible.
  • The Promise: The major plot driving force in the second movie is Bambino's promise to look out for Trinity to his father, who was actually only faking his own death.
  • Red Baron: Trinity is known as "the right hand of the Devil" for his quick-draw and his aim. Bambino is known as "the left hand of the Devil" for the same reason (their names match their revolver hands, naturally).
  • Sibling Team: Trinity and Bambino.
  • Spaghetti Western
  • Teach Me How To Fight: This is the Mormons' request in the first movie.
  • Training the Peaceful Villagers: Half the plot of the first movie has the heroes teaching a community of pacifists to fight back against the villain who wants the land they've built on. The villagers are so peaceful that they have no idea how to fight, and the heroes end up repeatedly clobbering them during the training exercises.
  • The Wild West