Film: The Spy Next Door

Jackie Chan's only movie aimed directly at kids, rather than families. It features Billy Ray Cyrus and George Lopez, Amber Valleta (as Gillian) from Gamer and The Transporter 2 and three kids. Thankfully, later in the same year (2010), Chan made The Karate Kid, a much better film.

It follows Bob Ho (Chan), a CIA agent who retires so that he can spend more time with his girlfriend, Gillian, who lives next door, and her three kids, Nora, Farren, and Ian. When Gillian goes away to visit her father in the hospital, Bob agrees to babysit the children. Hilarity Ensues. However, a plot by Russian spies looking for a stolen secret formula they believe Ho has threatens to put the entire family, and the world, in danger.

This film provides examples of: