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Film: Kiler
The movie that kills... with laughter

Kiler is a highly successful 1997 Polish comedy by Juliusz Machulski, starring famous (in Poland) actor Cezary Pazura in the main role.

A notorious gangster known as "The Guillotine" has been assassinated by the Killer - a well-known hired hitman, who has left scorches of bodies all around Europe. A taxi driver by the name of Jerzy Kiler takes a glance on the confusion around the crime scene, before returning to his cab and his drunken passenger. The next morning he's rudely awakened by an anti-terrorist group, who quickly apprehend him and literally carry him out of his apartment. As it turns out, they found the murder weapon, a sniper rifle, inside his car's trunk and an anonymous call accusing Jerzy of being the elusive Killer. Despite claiming his innocence and that this is a huge mistake, he's quickly sent to prison. To his surprise, thanks to "his" reputation he gains the respect of inmates. After he kills a prisoner completely by an accident, even more people start to believe that Jerzy is the real deal. While being transported to another prison, he's saved by mobsters working for "Siara" - Poland's most fearsome crime lord and Killer's frequent employer. With the police, gangsters and rest of the country taking him for the Killer, Kiler decides that explaining won't do him any good and decides to "become" him.

Tropes in this movie are as follow:

  • A MacGuffin Full of Money: A cargo full of dollars.
  • Hollywood Silencer: Parodied. When all gangsters participating in a parking shootout use Hollywood Silencers , the TV reporters filming the whole scene from a distance comment that they will have to mix in gunfire sounds to make the scene more realistic.
  • Mistaken for Badass: The main premise of the movie. Kinda subverted though; while Kiler is no assassin, he's makes up for it by being an awesome Chessmaster, thus earning the title, though not in the way everyone expected.
  • No Export for You: At first averted; Hollywood has bought the rights to the movie in order to make a remake, with the original director as the producer. Nothing came out of it, thus playing this trope straight.
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