Film / Girls Just Want to Have Fun

A 1985 teen comedy film about a girl named Janey, whose family has just moved to Chicago. The one bright spot is that Chicago just so happens to be the location of her favorite show, Dance TV, in which she dreams of performing. When she finds out there is a contest to appear on the show, she enters despite her overprotective dad. With her dance partner and love interest, her best friend, and lots of '80s music, she sets out to win the contest, best her rival, and finally win her father's approval.

This film didn't have much star power (despite the Retroactive Recognition), and didn't make back its moderate budget. This, however, also allowed it to be aired on cable for very little, giving it a cult status.

It was also some Paying Their Dues roles for several actors, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, Shannen Doherty, and Jonathan Silverman.

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