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Fanfic: Superwomen of Eva: Treacherous Web
A cloning disaster puts Ritsuko on a new path...and gives her a second chance to make things right.

"To Know Her Is To Fear Her!"

Superwomen of Eva: Treacherous Web by orionpax09 is another of the Superwomen of Eva stories set in his Marvel Comics-based fusion Fan Verse.

Ritsuko Akagi, beginning to become disgusted with her work for Gendo Ikari, keeps on going because of her powerlessness. This all changes one day, though, when an experiment with a Rei clone body is tainted by a little spider...

Currently under construction. Please add tropes as you see them!

This Superwomen of Eva story contains examples of the following:

Superwomen of Eva: Lilith's HeraldFanWorks/NeongenesisevangelionSuperwomen of Eva: The 4th Degree
Superwomen of Eva: Lilith's HeraldFanFic/Comic BooksSuperwomen of Eva: The 4th Degree
Superwomen of Eva: Lilith's HeraldFanFic/CrossoverSuperwomen of Eva: The 4th Degree

alternative title(s): Superwomen Of Eva Treacherous Web
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