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Fanfic: Superwomen of Eva
The Superwomen of Eva series is an on going Fanfic project by Mike313, orionpax09, and several other authors that crosses over Neon Genesis Evangelion with either Marvel Comics or DC Comics. Formed in response to a glut of fics that gave Eva's leading boy, Shinji Ikari, superpowers, the SoE stories seek to do the same for the women of Eva — hence the name. As such, each story is a Fusion Fic that focuses on one of the female Evangelion characters getting the powers of a known superhero (with two exceptions) and can largely be divided into two series based on which universe is being fused. In addition, there is the SOE Alterverse, which is different enough to deserve a separate mention, and a few other Follow the Leader false starts which are not listed here.

  • Superwomen of Eva is mostly written by orionpax09 and focuses on the Evangelion girls gaining the powers of Marvel superheroes and superheroines (plus the two exceptions noted above). As the name suggests, this is the original SoE series, itself starting with Superwomen of Eva: Emerald Fury. It currently contains 14 different stories (and one sequel) by four different authors.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2 is mostly written by Mike313 and focuses on the Evangelion girls gaining the powers of DC superheroes and superheroines. It is the second SoE 'verse to be formed and was originally started by Mike313 with Superwomen of Eva 2: Emerald Courage on the basis that he simply preferred DC Comics. It currently has 13 stories, all by Mike313 with two exceptions.
  • The SOE Alterverse is written by Archdruid-Sephiroth and takes a completely different approach, starting five years after a failed Third Impact and written as a single continuity, currently consisting of three stories: Duality, Fringe, and Doom. Like the original Superwomen of Eva series, it is a crossover with the Marvel Universe.

With three exceptions (Superwomen of Eva: Codename XJ9, Superwomen of Eva 2: Soaring High, and SOE Alterverse: Doom), the stories can be found here, while their trope pages are linked below. Obviously, they are still under construction.

    Superwomen of Eva 

    Superwomen of Eva 2 

Tropes that apply to the Superwomen of Eva series in general include:

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Super Network WarsFanFic/CrossoverSuperwomen of Eva: Emerald Fury
Surrogate Of ZeroFanWorks/Neon Genesis EvangelionSuperwomen of Eva: Emerald Fury

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