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Cover art by Alexey Lipatov
Beyond the Dawn is one of the five most prominent Russian Tolkien fanfics. (The other four are Ring of Darkness by Nick Perumov, Black Book of Arda by Nataliya Vasilieva, The Last Ringbearer by Kirill Eskov and The Great Game by Nataliya Nekrasova). Since copyright law is rather lax back in the Motherland, this book was formally published on paper rather than staying a Web Original like so many fanfics.

Beyond the Dawn is a fantasy novel written by the Ukrainian writer Olga Chigirinskaya (Brilyova) under the pen name of "Beren Belgarion". This fantasy adventure novel retells the story of Beren and Lúthien as told by J. R. R. Tolkien in The Silmarillion. The book was published in Russian by Exmo Publishing in 2003.

The plot basically follows the Lay of Leithian, but deviates substantially from Tolkien's original version in some points. BTD's Middle-Earth is portrayed as a grim and realistic medieval world, and the followers of Morgoth and Sauron as humans, just like their enemies.

The book uses the poetry of Russian and Western poets and rock bands that is dedicated to Tolkien's characters and plots, such as Blind Guardian (translated into Russian by Chigirinskaya herself).

Compare with A Boy, a Girl and a Dog: The Leithian Script, another long fanfic about the Lay of Leithian.

Beyond the Dawn provides examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Beyond The Dawn