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Russian Literature
This index is for Literature originally written in the Russian Language. See also Russian Reading.

Russian Literature can be clearly divided into several parts:
  • semi-mythical ones from pre-Christian and early Christian times. Their original language is old slavic and even though they are readable for modern Russians, they are not easy reading. Usually are not written by one author.
  • Folk-lore. Mostly fairy tales.
  • Classical Literature. It's written in 19th century. Surprising enough, there is no well-known authors before Classical Age. It is part of school course, so often hated by young people.
  • Soviet Literature.
    • Soviet Sci-Fi. It is mostly very hard sci-fi, where Earth is often depicted as having post-scarcity communistic society, but often depicts flaws of USSR government.
  • Post-USSR contemporary literature.
    • Criminal thriller of different sorts.
    • Contemporary sci-fi and fantasy. Ranges from very hard sci-fi to hight fantasy and varies in quality.
      • Humorous fiction is sci-fi/fantasy with emphasis on comedy.
    • Romance novels.

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