Literature / Doctor Pavlysh

Doctor Pavlysh is a Soviet Science Fiction series by Kir Bulychev about the adventures of Vladislav Pavlysh, originally the doctor on the transport Cool Spaceship Segezha. Based on the author's experiences at sea, this series featured the first permanent hero for Kir Bulychev, and set the foundation for many of the tropes in his later series.


  • Thirteen Years of Flight: A prequel written years after the first novels. Earth sent a slower-than-light starship to Deneb to install a teleporter in its system. 13 years before the arrival to its destination the ship's teleporter and gravitation communicators ceased functioning. Just a few days after intern Pavlysh arrived.
  • The Last War: The first appearance of Dr. Pavlysh. Aliens gave Earth Faster Than Light drives, but requisitioned Segezha for an expedition to a planet recently wiped by a nuclear war. They plan to resurrect all the dead with sufficiently intact bodies.
  • The Great Spirit and Fugitives: Shortly after Pavlysh transferred to another ship it crash landed on an unexplored planet and Pavlysh is the only crew member who isn't dead or frozen. While searching for a beacon to send SOS he saves some stone-age natives and messes with work of some aliens playing godsnote .
  • Snowmaiden: Short story in Half a Life collection. Platonic Interspecies Romance between Pavlysh and a Human Alien rescued from a destroyed starship. Their problem: she lives at temperatures far below zero, room temperature would kill her.
  • The Law for the Dragon: Pavlysh helps to figure out why a planet being studied is becoming a Death World.
  • The White Dress of Cinderella: Pavlysh keeps running into researchers who transform human bodies to allow surviving extreme conditions.
  • Those Who Survive: A colony ship crash landed in the icy mountains of an uncharted planet, some people managed to reach the Hungry Jungle and survive. In part 1, 20 years later, their children try to reach the ship to get weapons and some urgently needed supplies. In part 2, 2 years after that, an Earth expedition (with Pavlysh) lands on the planet and they try to contact it. Part 1 was adapted as animated short Pereval.
  • Prisoners of Duty: Pavlysh inspects a Time Travel research station. He ends up with a choice: should he try to save a terminally ill man and destroy much of his research notes, or should he preserve the researcher's life work and allow him to die? The patient insists on the latter.
  • Village: A two parter about a village established by survivors of a crashed starship on an alien planet. Pavlysh only appears in the second part. Makes heavy use of the Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit" trope.