Fan Fic / Two Garnets and some Cherries with Cream

"Son, it's about time I tell you how I met your mother."
"What...? It's 2 AM!"

Kayi Rowling's most recent work (started in June 2010). As of this writing, it's currently on its fourth chapter, entitled "Chapter 4 of ?". The beginning, "Chapter 1 of ?", may be read at and at the Bulbagarden Forums; from there, navigation towards newer chapters is easy.

The summary of the story, copy-pasted everywhere you look, is: “Son, it’s about time I tell you how I met your mother.” “What…? It’s 2 AM!” A SilverspawnShipping dish with a moderate amount of LOL sauce.

A more detailed summary may actually care enough to tell you that this is a fanfic set in the Pokémon Special verse, featuring Silver and Giovanni as the latter tells the former about the time he met his one-true-love, the HGSS Rocket Executive Ariana. Hilarity Ensues via the unexpected jokes that slip past your defenses every now and then. The short dialogue in the summary naturally never happens (it is 2 AM when it starts, though)

...needless to say, this is purely Fanon, and it may be Jossed in its entirety at any moment by the manga's own HeartGold and SoulSilver chapter.

Garnets and Cherries contains examples of the following tropes (as of "Chapter 4 of ?"):

Since this work is on-going, please don't be afraid to add the tropes you find; there's no better constructive criticism, really...

Atte. Kayi Rowling