Fan Fic / The Ultimate Showdown

An accident with Einstein's Chronosphere takes Col. Mustang and his team, along with the Dead 6 commando unit, and deposit them in a new and frigthening place: Our reality. While Mustang starts his quest to get back home, Havoc seeks to stem the rise of Nod, and Gen. Von Esling rushes to reconstruct the Allies greatest weapon, all groups will have to face starteling revelations, new enemies, and discover truths that they would have rather not faced.

Note: There are some incidents that would make Linkara's alarm go off, nothing that would seriously throw anyone off, just so we're all clear.

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  • Big Applesauce - Mustang decides it's a great place to blend in. Unfortunately, he's about two decades too late.
  • Big Bad - Three villains, no waiting.
  • Genre Savvy - Mustang quickly picks up the fact that things work differently in our world.
  • Jurisdiction Friction - Det. Walker and Hanlen are not happy to have the FBI in on the case.
  • Oh, Crap! - Havoc has this when he realizes he's back home.
  • Philadelphia - The Phillies and Harry the K make a few appearances.
  • Values Dissonance - Mustang and his team have little trouble doing what needs to be done, but find the modern world a tad confusing.