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With over 900 episodes and 18 movies under its belt, this show undeniably has moments that the cast, deep down, wishes some act of Arceus could make them forget.

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    Indigo League 
  • Sahgo: Ash giving away Primeape. Now, Ash and friends leaving their Pokémon behind is nothing new, but usually they have genuine reasons for needing to leave, even if it's a stupid reason (hey, Ambipom). But Primeape's case was just nonsensical - Ash joins a tournament for Fighting-type Pokémon, and Primeape wins it. Then Ash leaves it with the guy he defeated, because he promises to make Primeape a true champion, or something. Compare this with Charizard's departure - the lizard was left in a valley where even the weakest Charizard was stronger than it. It would get stronger. Primeape, on the other hand, was left with people weaker than it. How in blazes does that make any sense?
    • Dashguy: Now, let's clarify some stuff here: Ash never faced Anthony during said tournament and Anthony's Hitmonchan lost to Team Rocket's Hitmonlee because they cheated. If anything, it's just another case of "leaving his Pokemon in the hands of a more experienced trainer". The true DMoS is that Ash gave it away in the very same episode he finally managed to create a bond with it. Moreover it was barely the second episode Primeape had appeared and we haven't seen anything about it ever since.
  • Saiyan Warrior 006: In the following episode to Ash's defeat in the Indigo League, everyone gets onto him and said if he trained Charizard better he would've won and told him not to make excuses for his loss. WHAT?! Gee, thanks a lot Delia, Misty, Brock, and Professor Oak! You weren't the ones kidnapped and forced to waste time and energy getting back to the stadium and fight with a handicap so of course you would've won if that had happened to you instead. Honestly if I was Ash, the next time Team Rocket kidnapped one of them I would've said "Nice knowing ya" and went the other direction with the way they acted like jerks and treated him.
  • The Farmboy: An episode that rubbed me the wrong way was the episode "Pokemon Scent-sation", where they were in Celedon City. When Ash started to say some slanderous things about perfume, Erika comes in to give Ash a verbal chewing. Fair enough, but then we learned that she banned Ash from entering the gym. Really now? An adult woman barring a ten year old because he insulted her perfume. That just makes her sound like a twelve year old on Deviantart. Plus I do no think Erika would act that way in the game. Shame that is the same episode that gives us a cross-dressing Ash.
    • Little Sheep: It was moreso her staff that banned Ash, not Erika herself, but considering later in the anime (Showdown at Dark City) we're introduced to the concept of Pokemon League Inspectors, it just baffles me that the Gym staff would be so petty they would bar a trainer who didn't blindly agree with them. What, does that mean every challenger who expresses dislike of perfume they make gets banned?! Gee, an inspector would really approve of that.
  • mariic: "The Kangaskhan Kid", oh boy, where to begin? The fact that the writers can't seem to decide whether or not they're in the safari zone is tolerable, but there's the fact that the title character of the episode was originally lost in the woods because his father accidentally dropped him out of a helicopter (though he had a parachute on, granted.) and said father blamed it on his wife. The fact that she didn't take the opportunity to divorce him the instant she could only makes things worse, as did the fact that he was neither arrested back then nor when he told this sob story to Officer Jenny. Speaking of Jenny, she took this opportunity to tell them Tommy's address (when someone should have told it to them five years ago). When they do find him, Papa took that opportunity to hit Tommy over the head with his cane (allegedly to help him remember them, which actually works). He then exposes his bare chest to Tommy to help him remember. To make things worse, our heroes can't decide whether or not Tommy should go with his parents, even though it's obvious he shouldn't. After the couple kamikazies Team Rocket's giant robot (and somehow survive), they decide to stay behind with Tommy, in spite of the fact Papa's a Child beating, child losing, perverted freak who should have been arrested a long time ago.

    The Johto Journeys 
  • Ur Leingod "Charizard's Burning Ambitions". I get that Ash gives up all his Mon's except Pikachu in the lead-up to a new season (which has led to many of the DMoSes on this page, come to think of it), but this is the one that personally offended me. As someone who lists "Volcanic Panic" (the episode where Ash's Charizard fights Blaine's Magmar) as one of his favorite episodes ever, the idea that there's an entire valley full of Charizard where even the weakest one can utterly Curb Stomp Ash's Charizard without any effort is just one big slap to the face, the implication here being that any single one of these wild Charizard could completely mop the floor with the strongest Pokemon of the 2nd strongest (and most entertaining) gym leader in the whole damn region! A whole bunch of buildup, a spectacular climax, one of the coolest battles in the series (in my opinion)... and then about 60 episodes later we basically learn that they're both total pussies. And what makes it worse is that they had no reason to make Charizard a total bitch compared to everyone else there. We've established already that Charizard is incredibly proud and arrogant, even just learning his strength was only average for a Charizard could have spurred him to stay and train. But no, we had to wring some cheap laughs out of one of my favorite Pokemon getting creamed by the runt of the litter.

    Advanced Challenge 
  • terlwyth: The departure of Misty from the was the final nail in the coffin after Johto League Champions started to embrace Filler and the Villain Decay/Took a Level in Dumbass in Team Rocket over what came before. The True Companions had really grown strong and developed, and then that episode came, good-bye Misty. Then came The Princess and the Togepi. Misty makes a reappearance and... she doesn't have any Deadpan Snarker tendencies, she's actually kind of ditzy! WTH!? I tried to get May to grow on me, but this episode cemented that Pokémon is no longer watchable for me.

    Advanced Battle 
  • Goldeneye 101: "Gaining Groudon" to the parents whose children were fans. I was looking up stuff on Amazon for reviews on anime DVDs, and one that I was interested in was "Gaining Groudon". It turns out that some parents just bought it because Groudon was their child's favorite Pokemon. It was hilarious to see the mad parents when they realized "Gaining Groudon" was the last episode on that DVD, and anybody who has seen the two specials can tell you that all "Gaining Groudon" had was a 5 second shot of Groudon in chains, meaning that parents would have to buy "The Scuffle of Legends" to get their money's worth. Well. Played.
  • Retloclive: Ass Pull doesn't get any worse than what was given with Ash's double gym battle against Tate and Liza, and it's very excruciating to watch if you're an avid player of the video-games. At least when the "aim-for-the-horn" fiasco that occurred way back in Kanto, there was some science applied to it to make it somewhat believable. This example on the other hand... how the writers ever thought that the idea of "Thunder Armor" would make for good writing for an anime Pokemon battle is anyone's guess. The only logical explanation I can think of is that it was supposed to be some kind of Shout-Out to another series that did something similar, like Goku going super-saiyan or something, but they could have, at the very least, attempted some kind of build-up to it. Definitely a Crowning Moment of Awesome gone horribly wrong.

    Diamond And Pearl 
  • Cerotech Omega: Gary tried real hard to be king asshole during Kanto and bits of Johto. And yet, he can't compare to Paul's ragequitting on Ash at the tag tournament! Good Arceus almighty, where to begin with that abominable act? If Paul's supposed to be a “Stop Having Fun” Guy, why does he do something Smogon deems wrong (while I personally don't like metagame elitism, I have to cut them some slack aside from Tobias, who someone mentioned further down)?! The abuse of Chimchar goes to a whole 'nother level on top of that, and millions were watching, both in-person and via broadcast, meaning that everyone got a good glimpse of this debacle! And yet the writers treat the whole clusterfuck as a motherfucking blam - Barry chimes in later about Paul's victory (Ash made the winning effort, dumbass!), and worse still, even Ash doesn't bring it up when he and Mister Easily Forgiven Asshole buddy up after their match at the Sinnoh Conference!
    • King Cr Inu Yasha: Probably the worst part is the Character Derailment that came out of this. In one of the early episodes, an enraged Brock nearly starts a Pokémon Bar Brawl when confronting a trainer laughing about abandoning a Charmander to the elements without telling it. Here, Paul doesn't even get so much as a slap on the wrist for his actions.

    Sinnoh League Victors 
  • Tropers/stuartbrock: My original DMoS was Pika and Goliath, but then I remembered Strategy Begins At Home!. Basically, it starts off really boring, even by Sinnoh filler standards. It stays that way for quite a while (which is to say, still boring) before Ash meets a COTD who wants to be a bug type trainer when he gets older. The boy admires a bunch of Bug-type Pokémon, including a Heracross, which prompts Ash to tell him about his own Heracross, and also Bulbasaur. Then they make him say this: "Wow... Nathaniel reminds me of me!". I tuned out right after that. Why, why would you make him say something so OoC and... stupid?!
  • Manwiththeplan: When Ash actually did win against Paul, at long last, in the Sinnoh League... and Paul shrugged it off, he and Ash parted as friends all of a sudden, with Paul being treated as redeemed despite very little indication of it and no formal apology for his Jerk Ass behavior in the past. This is Character Development for Paul gone horribly, horribly wrong, and as a result, he comes across as an incredible Karma Houdini Jerk Sue. Also, to put it more into perspective how inappropriate this is: this was in the Sinnoh League tournament, close to the end, with Paul's dream of becoming a champion in sight... and he loses to Ash, the trainer he looked down upon, and Infernape, the evolution of the Pokemon he let go! Ash went into depression after losing to Ritchie in the Indigo League; Paul should have had a flat-out Villainous Breakdown here. But no, Atsuhiro Tomioka (the writer) can't have his pet character's "coolness" and composure ruined like that. He has him accept the defeat easily and be treated as a reformed, respectable trainer by characters and fans alike. Bull. Shit.
  • Light Deoxys: The last Sinnoh League episode of Pokémon. Ash has finally defeated his Jerkass rival Paul, and is advancing in the league... but guess who he comes up against? An evil-looking trainer who defeats Ash with a fucking Darkrai and Latios! Okay, I'm suddenly enraged... This isn't like the previous leagues, where we had a trainer with a non-legendary defeat Ash and win the league or the chance to beat the Elite Four... but come on! Two fucking legendaries?! This is a fucking cop-out! Why did they just make an asspull so Ash could lose and be "inspired" to go to the Unova region?! Why couldn't they just use a fully-evolved starter like Blaziken near the end of the Silver Conference?!
    • fluffything: While I didn't mind that Tobias had a Darkrai and a Latios. However, my main peeve with the episode is that there is no explanation as to why Tobias has Legendaries. None. We're just led to assume that he's always had them. Um, no, no. That's not how it works. Pokémon, if you want trainers to use Legendaries now, fine. Great. But, at least give us an explanation as to how they obtained said Legendaries. Otherwise, it just feels like you're pulling it out of your ass.
      • Cyber Tiger 88: It wouldn't be that bad if Tobias had some screen time before his battle with Ash. At least the characters that won against Ash in previous tournaments had an episode or two that showed how they got their Pokemon, allowed them to demostrate their skills, had a close battle that kept fans on their toes, and made them likable people. Tobias came out of no-where and flat out curb-stomped Ash, so his appearance came across as a badly-done giant middle finger to everyone who dared to hope that Ash could win a tournament other than the one in the Orange Islands arc.
      • Rayne Cyro: Agreed with the above. Personally, I would have adored this episode (as I hate Ash's guts, and the 'mons used to beat him are high on my favorites list), but the issue is it came right the fuck out of nowhere. No foreshadowing, no warning, hell, we've never even heard of this guy before now. If he'd had an episode or two of backstory and exposition, some reasons as to why he gets such a badass roster under his belt, he might well have become my favorite side character. As it is, though, he has the distinction of managing to come up with the biggest God-Mode Sue Ass Pull since Sasuke and The Great Snake Escape.
      • Dialga X: Agreed with all the above. Tobias has no previous screentime, no previous backstory before his appearance and no explanation was given for his roster and battling prowess. Couple that with his complete stomp against Ash and it looks like the writers added Tobias as a "Fuck you!" to the fans who wanted to see Ash win a league tournament.
      • Star Tropes: Not to mention the fact that TPTB had spent DP playing up the fact that whoever won the Sinnoh League earned the chance to face the Elite 4 and Cynthia. Just the sort of thing Ash would love to do. And on that note, we get...nothing! No Elite 4 challenge, no epic battle against Cynthia. Sorry, Ashy-boy. Sorry, everyone who wanted to see that battle.
      • Psyga315: I have to agree with everything mentioned above. The battle with Tobias is so blatant and contrived of a Diabolus ex Machina that it made the battle with Ritchie and even Cameron look naturally written. It's convinced me that there'll be at least some Mary Sue ready to deny Ash his victory at the league. Also, I wanna point out how ironic that this took place in a season called "Sinnoh League Victors". Like the writing staff were well aware that they were cheating Ash out of his moment and by extension, the viewers.

    Black And White 
  • K Man: K Man here with a magnificent tale of Ash, a trainer with four generations of Pokemon experience losing to a noob! That is right, folks, Ash's new rival in Best Wishes is a guy fresh out of the lab and in a 5 on 5 battle he goes and loses 2-5. How in the name of Arceus does that happen? Pikachu has its Electric moves back and Ash has all the starters at this point and he loses to this wannabe. Hell, Trip didn't even show his last two Pokemon, and has the audacity to taunt Ash after the battle. At least his Curb-Stomp Battle with Paul had both trainers having equal experience but this is just Arrrggghhh!
    • Gintax Alvissforever: I was equally annoyed with this scene originally because she thought that the writer of this episode was Atsuhiro Tomioka (the writer who created Paul). As a result, I thought Trip would be exactly the same as Paul... thank God for Hidden Depths but what pisses me off is that the writer of this episode just had to make Ash look stupid (seriously, attacking Frillish that has Cursed Body?!) and make Trip look like a prick. Luckily, Ash took it better than Paul did and thank God they didn't make Trip invincible after that.
  • Violet Pup 18: I loved the episode "Snivy Plays Hard To Catch!", especially because I love Snivy, but there are 3 things I'm bothered by: 1) The fact that Ash just throws a Pokeball at Snivy without thinking (to which she easily gets out), as if she's the Caterpie from Season 1; 2) and then later says "What do you mean?" when Iris considers that Snivy might have been abandoned. What's wrong with that? He was acting like the last 4 generations never happened! Finally, Snivy appears to have a past of being abandoned, which would have been a great thing to focus around for a new episode... but it was only mentioned in "Evolution By Fire!" once, then never brought up again. Seriously?!
  • Tropers/Samusforce: For me, it doesn't get any worse than Ash's fourth gym battle in this season. He goes into a fight with just one Pokemon, expecting to win with just ONE, and he loses and begs to hold off the rest of the fight to come back with a new one! Look, if you want a rookie, then just give us a brand new character with a brand new backstory. DON'T give us a character that we have stuck through with for years and make him pull off rookie moves and lose so easily to a gym leader. This wasn't funny, dramatic, or serious, it was just a reason to make Ash look bad and the viewers wondering why they haven't played the game instead.

    Rival Destinies 
  • Lily Nadesico: Iris defeating Georgia and her Beartic in a Curb-Stomp Battle with her newly-caught and disobedient Dragonite during the Junior World Cup is listed as a Crowning Moment of Awesome, but I really think it belongs here. Iris did not have to do anything to win, she just got handed an ultra-powerful Pokémon on a silver platter and used it to flatten the opposition (let's not forget, that Dragonite managed to No Sell Ice type attacks, which normally are the bane of every Dragon type). It was a cheap way to glorify Iris, for no other reason than "Oh, she's become the Unova Champion in the most recent game, so let's make her stronger out of nowhere to advertise this". But the worst part for me was, it's clear from the writing that when Georgia calls Iris out on her cheap win, you're supposed to dismiss Georgia as being petty and jealous, especially with all the amount of Character Shilling Dawn places upon Iris. Sorry, guys, but having one of my favorite characters talk up one of my least favourites for no good reason isn't going to win Iris any points.

    Adventures In Unova 
  • Midna: Bianca's finally coming back for the Unova League! Geez, it only took, what, thirty episodes? I hope she does as well as she did back in the Clubsplosion. Oh, hey, she's going up against Cameron... What? She lost? Why did you bring back a character you haven't used in five months just so she can lose to some newbie and get shoved back Out of Focus for the rest of the arc, over the course of just two episodes, after she's shown so much improvement?! (And make her cry, lest we forget!) And after that? Shunted back to Chuck Cunningham Syndrome-ville, not even appearing in the one episode Cheren shows up in (and getting most of her screentime in the newest ending theme cut out to shoehorn in live-action footage of the singers, as if to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the writers hate her now). Most people probably wouldn't care one way or the other since she's so divisive as a character, but as a major Bianca fan this just feels like a big middle finger to me. In short: They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character. Absolutely inexcusable, and the single biggest reason why I don't watch the show anymore.
    • O-Zone: It gets worse... Cameron then faces and sure enough defeats Ash! C'mon it's bad enough that Ash once again loses the major tournament, but to have him lose to such a noob, the same guy who thought you needed 7 badges to enter the Unova League and thought said league was in Johto! He doesn't even show his full team for Arceus' sake!. At least Tobias had two legends to combat with so it sort of made sense that we didn't see his full team, even if that was a cheap tactic... but I think it's safe to say that Cameron has become the new Scrappy of Pokemon.
      • patrickab13: A few episodes later, adding insult to injury, Ash loses to newbie gym leader Cheren... because I guess losing is just what he does now.
      • Darkrage 6: It's getting tiresome seeing Ash repeatedly losing the league every single generation (barring Orange League and Battle Frontier) but having him lose to a complete moron like Cameron in only the top 8 without even getting to see his whole team was a new low for the franchise. It's a small consolation that Virgil beat Cameron, I know some people consider Virgil The Scrappy, but at least he's actually a competent trainer whose wins felt legitimate rather then caused by sheer dumb luck in the case of Cameron, it would've been a lot less painful had Ash made it to the final two and lost against him rather than Cameron.
      • Shadow 200: Writers, either have Ash finally win something or get rid of him and give us a new damn character already. A new protagonist each generation with their own character would be far more enjoyable to watch than seeing Ash lose as usual.
  • DangerArtistNexus60: Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present to you "The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!". My Berserk Button was the flashback sequence where Ash's Charmander came into the picture: the scene with Team Rocket and Damien was messed up since they could've recreated those memories correctly; instead, it was like a straight up insult to the Rebuild of Evangelion movies given the animation itself.
  • Loekman 3: The Ghetsis that appears in this anime bears absolutely no resemblance to the Ghetsis that appears in the video game incarnation. Why? Its because in this universe, his entire plan hinges on summoning the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram (If it follows the game version, he would have treated the Dragon as just another Pokemon for his own plans). And when Ash's GodChu immediately breaks the White Dragon free with just a single thunderbolt does he challenge Ash to a battle and wipe the obnoxious trainer with his own Hydreigon? Nope, he just tries to pointlessly order Reshiram around and gets arrested immediately without putting up any fight. This is a massive insult to Ghetsis fans (Including me) who wishes that the creators treat him just like what they did with Pokemon Hunter J, an intimidating, cunning Badass villain who manages made the tone of Pokemon darker, not some sort of a Big Bad Wannabe whose role as The Heavy is replaced by Colress.

    The Series: XY 
  • Falcon Pain: The second episode of the XY season, "Lumiose City Pursuit", ends with Ash trying to pacify a Garchomp on top of Prism Tower (the Kalos equivalent of the Eiffel Tower). After he succeeds, disaster strikes as part of the tower crumbles and Pikachu is sent falling. Ash's immediate reaction is to jump off the tower after him. This part should be bad by itself, what with Ash's complete lack of ability to save himself or even Pikachu after his jump (he doesn't even have another Pokémon on hand that can fly or use psychic moves or vine whips or anything else that could help), but knowing that he is Hot-Blooded and cares deeply for Pikachu means we can understand his kneejerk reaction. Disaster is averted when the two are caught by an unexpectedly helpful Mega Blaziken. (And we'll set aside the physical problems that could cause, or the fact that Mega Blaziken could have caught Pikachu even without Ash's help.) No, the true issue is that, once everything is said and done, everyone else who saw the incident has nothing but positive opinions of his hasty actions that, in anything less than this idealistic universe, would have resulted in two fatalities instead of one. It's hard not to sympathize, but the show expects viewers to directly approve of it.
  • Fisherman Benny: Since XY doesn't have its own section yet, I decided to add one from that series: XY010. This episode was just wasted potential. What happens when you take a typical Team Rocket tries to catch Pikachu plot and bring Mega Evolutions into it? Well... more of the same thing. You might think my hopes were too unrealistic for an episode devoted to a typical Team Rocket plot, but... it has Mega Evolutions. That's why this episode fails so much: It tries to raise the stakes but doesn't go beyond the typical. It's trying to force you to take the situation seriously when nothing has changed. Basically, Team Rocket gets Mega Evolution data, and then wastes it on just Pikachu, only for them to get destroyed by Limone - who was revealed to be the masked man from XY002 - who didn't see this coming? - after Ash's group struggles to put a dent in their robot. That's right, Ash and company couldn't even scratch it, yet Limone shuts it down with one move. If it was that easy for Limone to take them down, maybe it wasn't worth it. How is this good writing again?
  • saiyan5ninetail: In the games, Korrina is a master of Mega Evolution, one of only five trainers in the entire region able to use Mega Evolution. In the anime? She needs Ash's help in order to get Lucarionite and to learn to Mega Evolve her Lucario, and her Lucario is apparently driven into an uncontrollable rage when Mega Evolved until, once again, Ash needs to help her on a journey to help Lucario control its Mega Evolution. In other words, they took away Korrina's significance to the story from the games for the sake of a contrived plot-line of Ash helping her master Mega Evolution. The anime is different from the games, but this treatment of Korrina's character compared to her game counterpart just seems callous.
    • palmer7: To add insult to injury, after Ash finally beats Korrina, he doesn't get a Key Stone of his own. You would think that after all this time he and his crew spent with Korrina and Lucario, the least she or Gurkinn could do was give Ash a Key Stone of his own.
  • The Call Out BS Man: When the TPCI English dub has Ash say the following in "A Rush of Ninja Wisdom": "Alright, Froakie, this is where we really need to step on the gas!" No kid in the world talks like this, not to mention it's completely out of character for Ash to say something this.
  • Latios 2: The ending of "Kyurem Vs The Swords Of Justice". The ending had an epic duel between Keldeo and Kyurem that's sure to be remembered, Kyurem having nearly frozen an entire city and scarring the living crap out of Keldeo and the protagonists making it a vastly intimidating villain that'll surely-... wait what? Kyurem's not evil?... Bullshit! While I do like the other movies, this is a cliché in the movies that has really grating my nerves for a while now! Deoxys and Darkai are the only two I let off the hook in this regard; Giratina was more so apathetic because it wasn't that poorly handled. Arceus was where it started getting annoying, and the antagonist for Black and White really started making it a problem... but Kyurem!? Kyurem was causing mayhem without a doubt over an entire city and hunted Keldeo down like a crazed bloodhound! But nope, Kyurem's not really evil. This really knocked the movie down several pegs having nearly ruined it.
  • Pgj1997: I love the Pikachu shorts. They're like the Pixar Shorts of anime. They're really fun to watch, and something to look forward to every time a new Pokémon movie comes out. That is except for "Pikachu's Island Adventure". You see, most Pikachu shorts have a No Dialogue Episode sort of format, where the Pokémon are characterized to the point where there's a nice flowing narrative. Here however, they felt the need to have the narrator translate everything, giving the short no charm whatsoever. Plus, Roger Parson's voice gets grating after a while, added to the fact that he puts little to no variation on the voices he gives the Pokémon. Luckily, this style didn't stick around, but it still took away everything that made the other Pikachu shorts enjoyable in the first place.

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