Dethroning Moment: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica may be beloved for its uncompromising storytelling, but even the biggest fans have standards. The below moments have sent many a viewer into despair.

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    The Show 
  • Kashima Kitty: Episode 3 "I'm Not Afraid of Anything Anymore". The major Wham Moment of the episode, you know the one. Mami getting decapitated and devoured. After the series spent the last two and a half episodes pretending to be Lighter and Softer than it really is, this moment arrives for the sake of pure shock value. Not only was three episodes too soon to care about this character, but up until this point, said character came off as ignorant and Holier Than Thou. The recap/movies make it even worse, as what little character development this character had is completely removed, making her seem even more expendable.
  • Shotgun Ninja: I agree that this show felt stupid and pointlessly dark, but the one thing I really liked in it was Kyouko. That's why the ending of episode 9 "I'd Never Allow That To Happen" annoyed me so much. So she starts the show as somewhat psychopathic, but one single Wham Episode - which she really has no excuse for being blind-sighted by, considering everything she already knows - causes a complete change in her personality, to the point where she seems completely focused around Sayaka. This all culminates in her suddenly deciding to kill herself to beat Witch!Sayaka, rather than, oh I don't know, asking Homura for help! Why is she suddenly worth dying for when you can't have known her for more than two weeks? This was where the show officially lost that last shred of interest I had in it, because if that is what passes for good writing in this series...
  • melonpan09: I agree with the first two tropers, but my moment came when Sayaka suddenly starts wailing about being unable to embrace people after she's found out the true purpose of her Soul Gem. I was already watching the series with slight dubiousness, and the sheer melodramatics of that scene actually lowered my opinion of it as a whole. While the cause is painfully obvious, Sayaka had far too little character development to even hint at something of that magnitude being on its way; it's supposed to look like a plain old nervous breakdown, I'm sure, but instead it looks like a completely uncalled-for temper tantrum. What's even sadder for me is that it could have had real power and impact, if only it had been written differently.

    The Films 
  • Disco Glacier: While I would argue that the movies overall improve on what was already a masterpiece, one change I didn't like was the replacement of "Nux Walpurgis" with a second playing of "Surgam Identum." As terrific as the latter is for the final battle between Homura and Walpurgis Night, the former fit Homura's falling to despair much better, and replaying a musical number twice in any case is just bad form for this sort of thing.
  • Slo Motion: I love this series to death, I really do. I loved the idea of movie continuation, that is... until I saw the movie. I liked the first half, but then oh boy did things take an awful turn. And that horrid turn was Homura's Face-Heel Turn into Akuma Homura and just the way she acted like a creepy Psycho Lesbian Stalker with a Crush willing to selfishly rewrite the world for her own demented sake just killed it for me. Homura is my favorite PMMM character and in my opinion this movie just took a huge dump on her whole portrayal. The whole point of Homura is that she seemed cold and bitchy at first, but then it was so beautifully revealed in the series that she's Not So Stoic and truly has a good heart and sacrificed her own happiness and sanity to attempt to save her best friend. But here, she's just obsessed in a really creepy ass way. I know Love Makes You Evil and whatnot, but this just felt like a pointless attempt at being 'dark' (which, of course this series always was but this was just ridiculous) but fell flat on its face instead. Total bullshit. As far as I'm concerned, there is no Rebellion movie. The series ended after episode 12/the second movie.
    • Silvermoon424: Seconded. I was extremely disappointed by the ending of the Rebellion movie. To make matters even worse, apparently the original ending consisted of Ultimate Madoka taking Homura with her to heaven so they could finally be together forever. That's an actually satisfying ending that does justice to both the series and the characters. Unfortunately, Executive Meddling kicked in when the writer was told to scrap the original ending and replace it with an Ass Pull that would allow the series to be continued. So instead of a beautiful, if somewhat bittersweet, ending where Homura and Ultimate Madoka get to stay together and Ultimate Madoka can continue her duty of being a magical girl savior, we get one where Homura turns into a Psycho Lesbian and locks Madoka away in a Gilded Cage. What a great ending to the series!
    • MagnetMissile: In my opinion, there were so many things wrong with Rebellion's revised ending. First off, the Shocking Swerve that is Homura Akemi's Face-Heel Turn. It's a shame, I liked Homura in the main series as well. After what the movie did, turning Homura into a psychotic devil, both metaphorically and literally, I had no choice but to retract my opinion on her and the movie in general. I dearly apologize to fans of Rebellion, but the altered ending left a very bad taste that will likely never go away.
    • KashimaKitty: Concurring with the above, but also I found the twist at the ending to be poorly done not so much from a character standpoint, but from a writing standpoint. Having Homura reach a result of such magnitude based on a complete misunderstanding is terrible writing. The scene would not have happened if (at least Madoka) had her proper memories. "I want Madoka to be happy." Doesn't work if Madoka was already happy with her decision to begin with.
    • MechaMew2: As much as the swerve can be disappointing to many, consider the fact that Homura turned only as a result of the Incubator's incessant meddling to take control of Madoka's powers. If I remember correctly, they were the ones who essentially kidnapped Homura and induced her Soul Gem to despair, but the resulting conflict involving the other girls corrupted the Gem into a flux state between Magical Girl and Witch, and was a symbolic representation of Homura's corrupted mental state. Had the Incubators just left things the way they were, Homura would not have done what she did.