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Darth Wiki: The Modestly Interesting Adventures Of Hammond Cheese
Describe The Modestly Interesting Adventures Of Hammond Cheese here.

Oh, what a delightful idea!

Once upon a time, there was a young man by the name of Hammond Cheese who worked as a kindergarten teacher. Normally, he wouldn't be very remarkable, except for the fact that he could see through the illusions put up by the supernatural, a power called the Sight. When he's not teaching small children to read and write, Ham is investigating the activities of the supernatural underworld with his friend/sometimes-roommate David (a Gold Digger and witch), his constant companion Nona, and his Good Friend Mel.

This work-in-progress by Turtleducks and Big Blue will become a series — eventually.

Full of nasty Fae, vampires, gods aplenty, and most any other supernatural creature you can think of.
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