Creator / Ursula Vernon

A Hugo and Nebula award-winning American fantasy/sci-fi artist and writer. Creator of the Biting Pear of Salamanca (pictured). She has a fairly considerable Internet following, and has created a number of webcomics, including the very notable Digger. Her artwork can be seen here. She is also on Tumblr (personal, kid-friendly) and Twitter.

Once fought Neil Gaiman to get to free nachos.

Her works include:

Online works:

Print works:

Ebooks (As T. Kingfisher):

  • Nine Goblins (a sort-of prequel to Elf vs. Orc)
  • Toad Words and Other Stories
  • The Seventh Bride (Re-released in print)
  • Bryony and Roses

Tropes across her works include: