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So you wish to learn about the acclaimed voice actor Nozomu Sasaki? You should have seen the look on his face as I plunged the knife into his heart. Well, he was the No.1 male idol seiyuu of the The '90s thanks to his large amount of Bishōnen roles, a beautiful singing voice, and his cute face, note  and has been the winner of the Seiyuu Grand Prix ranking more often than anyone of his generation. Sasaki was known in his prime for his ability to range up towards the contralto-near-mezzo register comparable to Mitsuki Saiga, and practically near identical to Minami Takayama's voice range, especially to her Conan voice; allowing him to play lots of adorably precocious children in a very young age range to which most actors in his time couldn't achieve. For the knowledge of the newer anime fanbase, taking account of his popularity and vocal type, he is considered as the predecessor of Jun Fukuyama and the contemporary Yuuki Kaji.

He has been in the business since the late eighties, in fact, he was part of the first Seiyuu Boy Band ever to bloomed in popularity in Japanese history, The NG5; who's made up from the main five voice actors of Ronin Warriors, which included Takeshi Kusao.

Most of his famous roles were his early ones, note  often typed as The Hero, The Heart, Nice Guy, Mouthy Kid, and The Creepy Child, such as Tetsuo, Shin Mouri, and Yusuke Urameshi. Unfortunately, he is one of those actors who has to undergo some dramatic switch in Type Casting; due to his voice aging early in the form of his voice dropping a good couple of octaves downward to the tenor with a much hoarser texture. Therefore, most of his recent characters are of The Sociopath, Ax-Crazy, Ill Guy, and Jerkass type such as Hayate Gekko, Jin Atsuku, Mello, and Johan Liebert...I "helped" him along, of course.

Oh yes, he doesn't like to use the word 'Nii-san' thanks to a certain role he had in After War Gundam X, but it may be a whole different story if that word was recited by a certain 'younger brother' of his, of which project also happened to have an "X" in it's title. Along with his other fellow YuYu Hakusho cast mates, he had claimed all three of them to be his True Companions.

Please do not confuse him with the similarly name voice actress, Nozomi Sasaki, note  I had to kill her too.

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