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Characters: The Bridge US
This page is for the characters of the FX television show, The Bridge US.

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     Law Enforcement 

Det. Sonya Cross

A member of the El Paso police department.

Played By: Diane Kruger

Det. Marco Ruiz

A homicide detective for the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Played By: Demián Bichir

Lt. Hank Wade

A jaded El Paso cop and Detective Cross' supervisor.

Played By: Ted Levine

Det. Tim Cooper

Part of the El Paso branch, he's one of the guys on the case. Calls out Sonya for receiving favoritism from Hank.

Played By: Johnny Dowers

Captain Alejandro Robles

A mostly corrupt captain of the Chihuahua State Police. Marco's boss.

Played By: Juan Carlos Cantu

Manny Stokes

A bumbling El Paso County sheriff.

Played By: Larry Clarke

Celia Delgado

One of Marco's colleagues.

Played By: Ellie Araiza

Kitty Conchas

The receptionist at El Paso PD's CAP.

Played By: Diana Maria Riva

Richard Heller

An FBI agent, attached to the task force.

Played By: Alex Fernandez

Ralph Gedman

An FBI agent, attached to the task force.

Played By: David Meunier

     El Paso Ranch 

Charlotte Millwright

A wealthy widowed wife of a rancher.

Played By: Annabeth Gish


A friend and former lover of Charlotte.

Played By: Brian Van Holt


Charlotte's servant at the ranch.

Played By: Alejandro Patino

Kate Millwright

Karl Millwright's daughter, Charlotte's stepdaughter.

Played By: Emily Wickersham


Daniel Frye

A newspaper reporter whose once-promising career has been derailed by a life of parties and substance abuse.

Played By: Matthew Lillard

Adriana Mendez

A young reporter who works with Frye.

Played By: Emily Rios


Steven Linder

A lone wolf trying to survive in the lawless borderland.

Played By: Thomas M. Wright

Fausto Galvan

A drug lord in Mexico.

Played By: Ramón Franco

Gustavo "Gus" Ruiz

Marco's son from a previous marriage.

Played By: Carlos Pratts

Alma Ruiz

Marco's current wife.

Played By: Catalina Sandino Moreno

Kenneth Hastings/David Tate

Alma's colleague.

Played By: Eric Lange

Graciela Rivera

An older Mexican woman who operates the tunnel under the Millwright ranch.

Played By: Alma Martinez

  • La Jefa Smuggles people, although not above smuggling weapons.
  • Knife Nut
    "Shall we start with the face?"

Eva Guerra

A young Mexican woman whom Steven Linder smuggles over the border to a safehouse.

Played By: Stephanie Sigman

Hector 'Calaca' Valdez

One of Fausto Galvan's sicarios, Eva's boyfriend.

Played By: Arturo del Puerto

Jackson Childress

A disturbed vigilante, kicked off the police force.

Played By: Chris Browning

Jim Dobbs

The man who raped and murdered Sonya's sister, Lisa.

Played By: Brad William Henke

Gina Meadows

A young El Paso girl, first seen at the police station being held overnight for shoplifting.

Played By: Cole Bernstein


One of Fausto Galvan's enforcers.

Played By: Daniel Edward Mora

Sofia Mendez

Adriana's mother.

Played By: Blanca Araceli

Daniela Mendez

Adriana's younger sister. She stopped going to school to work in a maquiladora.

Played By: Lorena Mc Gregor


The owner of a ranch that doubles as a safehouse for abused women.

Played By: Jon Gries

Cristina Fuentes

A young Mexican woman, whose bottom half was found on the Bridge of the Americas. Came north to Juarez to work in the maquiladoras, but turned to prostitution.

Played By: Natalie Amenula


A Mexican woman trying to cross the border.

Played By: Karen Sours


Steven Linder's coworker at the homeless shelter.

Played By: Diane Delano

Monte P. Flagman

A mysterious lawyer, employed by Graciela Rivera, Charlotte's husband, and eventually Charlotte herself.

Played By: Lyle Lovett

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