Characters / The Astounding Wolf-Man

The Main Characters of The Astounding Wolf-Man

Gary Hampton AKA Wolf-Man

Gary Hampton is a family man and extremely successful business owner. That is until the fateful night when he was mauled at a campsite one night. He comes to discover that he has contracted lycanthropy. With the help of a knowledgeable vampire named Zechariah Gary resolves to use his new powers to help people. Gary is clever, charismatic, and very caring.


Zechariah is a very old and knowledgeable vampire who finds Gary and mentors him in his new life as a werewolf. He is secretive, occasionally shifty, and Gary's friends and family distrust him immediately. After a string of lies and half-truths from Zechariah push he and Gary apart Zech accidentally(?) kills Gary's wife leading to a bloody animosity between the two.

The Elder

An ancient and extremely powerful werewolf. Being an 'elder' he (like Gary) has a specific strain of lycanthropy that makes him much stronger than lesser werewolves. He is the one who made Gary into a werewolf and when Gary comes to him for advice on how to kill a vampire The Elder trains him.