Characters / The Astounding Wolf-Man

The Main Characters of The Astounding Wolf-Man

Gary Hampton AKA Wolf-Man

Gary Hampton is a family man and extremely successful business owner. That is until the fateful night when he was mauled at a campsite one night. He comes to discover that he has contracted lycanthropy. With the help of a knowledgeable vampire named Zechariah Gary resolves to use his new powers to help people. Gary is clever, charismatic, and very caring.
  • Clear My Name: What a good deal of the story revolves around.
  • Clothing Damage: A given with all of the impromptu 'wolfing out.'
  • Cursed with Awesome: Zechariah lampshades it in #2. Gary has a powerful and agile wolf form and a healing factor when he changes forms. Poor him. All it costs is going into a blood rage once a month which he quickly deals with.
  • Tragic Hero: Gary's flaw, which he irons out over the course of the series, is that he is too driven to help people. What ruined him from the get-go was that he was so ecstatic about being able to help people as a super hero that he neglected his family and failed to realize how untrustworthy Zechariah was despite the constant warnings of his loved ones. His desire to do good was ultimately his downfall. That said his flaw has helped him out a couple of times and earned him the loyalty of both Invincible and Cecil.


Zechariah is a very old and knowledgeable vampire who finds Gary and mentors him in his new life as a werewolf. He is secretive, occasionally shifty, and Gary's friends and family distrust him immediately. After a string of lies and half-truths from Zechariah push he and Gary apart Zech accidentally(?) kills Gary's wife leading to a bloody animosity between the two.
  • Ambition Is Evil: After becoming a vampire and seeing the sad state of the vampire community he resolves to become a hero and make vampires into a powerful force to be reckoned with. Fast forward and now Zech is a ruthless and power hungry manipulative bastard.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Lampshaded. Zech asks Gary how old he thinks he is and Gary guesses "I don't know...what, a thousand?". Zech then bemoans how the mystique of vampires has vanished due to representations in the media.

The Elder

An ancient and extremely powerful werewolf. Being an 'elder' he (like Gary) has a specific strain of lycanthropy that makes him much stronger than lesser werewolves. He is the one who made Gary into a werewolf and when Gary comes to him for advice on how to kill a vampire The Elder trains him.