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Enterprise Crew

    Commander Willard Decker 
Played by: Stephen Collins

The new captain of the Enterprise. He gets demoted to the rank of commander after Kirk comes aboard and takes over.

    Lieutenant Ilia 
Played by: Persis Khambatta

A Deltan officer who has a troubled romantic history, but still has feelings for him.

  • The Artifact: Ilia was also intended to be a new character on Phase II, and screen tests of Persis Khambatta in a '60's-era miniskirt uniform are extant.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Decker, Ilia, and V'Ger, though there is some ambiguity.
  • Bald Women: She is a bald woman.
  • Deadpan Snarker: At least according to the background information that Gene Roddenberry wrote for the character's species. He described the race as having an extremely developed sense of humor with a delivery so dry that they seem very cold and aloof to outsiders. Most other races don't ever realize when a Deltan is making fun of them, which probably explains the Breathless Non Sequitur she delivers to Kirk:
    Ilia: My oath of celibacy is on record, Captain.
  • Informed Attractiveness: We're not saying that Persis Khambatta isn't attractive, but Ilia is one of a select group of Trek characters with less hair than Picard, and yet several male crew members get all goofy around her. The novelization explains this as her race releasing pheromones whenever they're around unfamiliar males—so it's not really because of her attractiveness sometimes; they just can't help their reactions.
  • Machine Monotone: Both before and after she literally becomes a machine.

    Commander Sonak 

Played by: Jon Rashad Kamal

A Vulcan science officer who is appointed when Starfleet can't get (initially) Spock.

Other Characters


A vast and powerful entity headed toward Earth with mysterious purpose.

  • Big Dumb Object: Which is odd, considering V'Ger is probably the biggest repository of information in the galaxy.
  • Earth All Along: In a way that is very similar to NOMAD from the second season TOS episode "The Changeling".
  • Powerful and Helpless: V'ger has knowledge that spans the universe and is in many ways, one of the most powerful beings ever seen in the Trek franchise. And none of it matters to V'ger because it has reached its limits and needs to find a way to evolve into something greater. It even throws an impotent tantrum when Kirk refuses to acquiesce to its demands.
  • Thank the Maker: To the point that it almost comes across as a "Well Done, Son!" Guy.