Awesome / Star Trek: The Motion Picture

  • You can't deny the awesomeness of the opening scene. Seeing those gloriously detailed Klingon ships cruise menacingly past the screen — and then watching V'Ger effortlessy pwn all three of them in about five minutes — must have been quite something on the big screen.
    • It was.
    • In particular the sound of the Klingons launching photon torpedoes was unusually loud and piercing.
  • The Meld.
  • When everyone on the bridge was freaking out because of the giant electrical tornado thing, Spock's like, "God damn it, you guys; do I have to do everything myself?" and just walks over and smashes the control panel with his bare hands, causing the tornado thing to dissipate (albeit after killing Ilia as a backup plan).
  • The Leave the Camera Running scenes as the pod approaches the upgraded Enterprise.
  • Uhura is not amused when an Ensign Newbie complains about Kirk taking command of the Enterprise. Cue this line of awesome:
    The chances of our coming home in one piece may have just doubled.
  • Kirk's "fly-around" tour of the upgraded Enterprise, complete with awesome Goldsmith music. Made doubly awesome by virtue of this being our first look at the Big E in 10 years, and on the big screen to boot.