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V'Ger begins to understand emotions, thanks to Spock's Mind Meld.

Spock's mind meld doesn't just give Spock insight into V'Ger - it's inability to understand "this simple feeling" - it gives V'Ger insight into the "carbon-based units infesting U.S.S. Enterprise".

It's been shown in the series during that the Vulcan mind meld, BOTH parties share emotions, thoughts, even memories. Thanks to Spock, V'Ger begins to understand its "lack" in not having emotions. Spock's feeling of disappointment that V'Ger's "pure logic" is not the answer goes into V'Ger and makes it understand that it NEEDS emotions to move beyond its programming of simply gathering data. After Spock's mind meld, it begins to understand WHY it is incomplete.

Proof? It tells Kirk and Co. that it NEEDS the information of why the creator has not responded. If it were simply a logic-based machine, it would not NEED. And the fact that the "Ilia unit" changes its tone at that point to a more pleading one is significant.

STTMP takes place in the 2009 movie timeline, not the original series timeline.

Which explains why the other movies don't reference it, why the uniforms change so drasticly starting with Wrath of Khan, and why in The Voyage Home no one says "What??!!?? Another giant probe is heading straight to Earth??? Awwww com'on!"
  • Not enough lens flares...

The Borg created the Q.

V'Ger is sent through a black hole to the far side of the galaxy, where a machine planet (the Borg in the 20th century?) fixes it up, upgrades it and sends it on its way. Later after returning to earth, the plot happens and in the end V'Ger ascends to a new level of existence (Q/Q continuum).

The Borg (or their predecessors) created V'Ger

Simply put, Voyager VI fell into a black hole and was catapulted across the galaxy, ending up near the Borg homeworld, where the damaged probe was repaired and upgraded before being sent back towards Earth. This would indicate that the Borg began as cybernetic and only began assimilating carbon-based life-forms after creating Voyager. Though this would mean that the Borg became considerably less powerful over time. This theory does get some additional backing from a special feature on one of the DVD releases, an in-universe briefing (of dubious canonicity) which goes as far as to field it as a possible explanation.

Kirk is just dreaming

Kirk has his ship back, his Spock back, his McCoy back, and is in a very psychedelic bizarro world. What more could he want? And, it's not referenced anywhere else in the series.
  • And this dream could have happened when Starfleet was picking their new uniform design, and the Interstellar Pajamas were Admiral Kirk's idea for new uniforms, but he was turned down and a more Navy-like style won.

What Voyager 6 fell into wasn't a black hole

Decker says Voayger 6 fell into "what they used to call a black hole." But in later series black holes are still called black holes. So what Voayger 6 fell into wasn't a black hole but something people used to think was a black hole but turned out to be something else, probably some sort of unique wormhole capable of transporting the probe across the galaxy in one piece.