Characters / Hyakuen

The characters of the manga series Hyakuen!:

Momo Yamada

A "spendthrift" who is initially saving up 10,000 yen for a scooter, Momo is roommates with Madoka and constantly changes her dream goal. She's cheerful, quite ditsy, and is prone to completely miss the point in conversations.

Madoka Suzuki

Momo's roommate and an "economist," Madoka is also saving up money for her dream — saving 1,000,000 yen in order to go see her grandfather in Germany. Stoic and a Deadpan Snarker, Madoka is Momo's Foil. She has an arranged fiancÚ Kazuma, who she refuses to recognize.

Chise Morimoto

A mutual classmate and friend of Momo and Madoka.

Chouko Nakata

Madoka's childhood friend and rival, Chouko will often boast about her new purchases in front of Momo and Madoka and acts like a a mix between an Ojou and a Rich Bitch, but she really earns all the money she uses through a variety of part-time jobs.

Kyouka Gosanji

The sweet but sheltered daughter of a financial group leader, Kyouka is naive towards the customs of those beneath her. People treat her like an Ojou in a respectful but distant manner, leading to Kyouka's strong desire to make friends.

Kazuma Ninomiya

Madoka's arranged fiancÚ. In spite of Madoka's insistence on not recognizing him as her husband-to-be, Kazuma goes through great lengths to impress her, though his Played for Laughs methods tend to dip into Stalker with a Crush territory.

Touya Mochizuki

The Stoic and Servile Snarker assistant of Kazuma's. He is often prone to nosebleed around Momo.