Heartwarming / Hyakuen

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming:
    • Chapter 3:
      • Madoka apologizes to Kyouka for treating her coldly.
      • Momo changes her dream from "get a motorcycle license" to "get a motorcycle license and go to various places with Madoka riding in the back." As touching as it is, Madoka is a little apprehensive about Momo's driving.
    • Chapter 4:
      • Madoka's Cuteness Proximity upon seeing the hamster at the pet store.
      • Momo buys Madoka the hamster she wanted.
    • Chapter 6:
      • Seeing how upset Momo is about her missing 50,000 yen, Madoka decides to give Momo money from her savings if Momo can't find her money.
      • Though Million ripped through Momo's missing 50,000 yen in its cage, Momo and Madoka decide to happily spend the night piecing the money together.
    • Chapter 10:
      • Chouko, noticing Kyouka's nervousness in the public bath, establishes a "ochi-tsuke" ("calm down") pass along by writing on each other's. Turns hilarious when Momo gropes Kyouka, thinking that's what Chouko was passing along, mistaking "ochi-tsuke" for "chichi-mome" ("grope her boobs"). As it turns out, everyone got Chouko's message wrong. Still doubles as Heartwarming because Kyouka manages to ease up and the gang ends up having fun.
      • Thanks to the gang, the public bath got more customers and didn't have to shut down.