Funny / Hyakuen

  • Crowning Moment of Funny:
    • Chapter 1:
      [Madoka attempts to use the toilet while Momo is taking a bath]
      Madoka: Don't peek! [shuts curtain]
      Momo: Eh... [opens curtains] I'm naked here!!
      Madoka: That's why don't open the curtains!!
    • Chapter 2: Momo suggests for Madoka to sent a picture to her grandfather with an email. The picture is considered "stupid" by Madoka and she regretfully stares at the computer screen after Momo sent the email.
    • Chapter 3:
      [Momo changes her dream from "getting a motorcycle license" to "getting a motorcycle license and go to various places with Madoka riding in the back"]
      Madoka: Hey, Momo... You changed your dream...
      Momo: Ah!! Yes, it's better that way; it brings out motivation for me.
      Madoka: I think your driving is dangerous, so no...
      Momo: [sweatdrop] Th... That's cruel!
    • Chapter 4:
      Kyouka: Momo-saaaan, it's snack time!
      Momo: Yaaaay! ♡ Thank you, Kyouka! ♡
      Chise: Feeding time...?
    • Chapter 6:
      • After Momo saves 100,000 yen, the captions read: "Please look forward to Tōyama-sensei's new work! The continuation of Madoka's savings!! [END]"

      [Chise and Kyouka decide to help Momo and Madoka find Momo's missing 50,000 yen]
      Chise: We'll help you look for them!
      Kyouka: That's right!
      Chise: They might be in a place the two of you didn't notice.
      Momo: Chise... Kyouka...
      [Chouko passes by]
      Momo: Chou-san...
      Chouko: Eh?
    • Chapter 7:
      • When two, mysterious boys (Kazuma and Touya) come to visit Momo and Madoka and are called "princesses," Momo and Madoka mistake the boys for their neighbor, who they had secretly stole porn from to use to clean Million's cage, as they didn't have newspapers, and return the porn before shutting them out.
      • The class lampshade Kazuma's stalker-like tendencies.
      • Kazuma attempts to protect Madoka from Momo's and Madoka's porn neighbor, but he hilariously gets knocked out in one hit, which leaves his assistant Touya to beat up the porn neighbor in Kazuma's steed.
      • After Kazuma is overjoyed that Madoka seems to recognize him as her fiance, the police mistake Kazuma for the porn neighbor and arrest him.
    • Chapter 8: Kazuma and Touya move in next door to Momo and Madoka. Hilarity Ensues:
      Kazuma: I hope we get along well in the future!! Hahaha
      [Momo shuts the door]
      Momo: It's the person from before... I forgot his name...

      Kazuma: In case of an emergency, I linked our two balconies together!! With this, I can protect my fiancée at any given moment—
      [Madoka shuts the door]
      Madoka: Unnecessary!!

      [Kazuma and Touya receive a housewarming gift from Madoka]
      Touya: This is past the expiration date.
      Kazuma: No problem for love!
      • Kazuma explains that Madoka defended him from bullies when they were children, but Madoka is horrified, as she doesn't remember any of it.
    • Chapter 9:
      [Touya nosebleeds]
      Momo: Your futon's all red!!

      Momo: Let's hurry home and get in the futon, Black Person!
      Touya: Yes.
      Chouko: Ah... [cross popping veins] Wait just a moment, big-breasted woman!
    • Chapter 10:
      • When the gang goes to a public bath, the girls decide to wash each other's backs as a sign of closer familiarity, as well as the fact that Kyouka isn't accustomed to public baths yet and is nervous. When Chouko decides to join the group, she assumes that the order is from biggest to smallest in breast side and is enraged by the "implication."
      • Chouko's attempt to relieve Kyouka's anxiety via writing "ochi-tsuke" ("calm down") turns hilarious when Momo gropes Kyouka, thinking that's what Chouko was passing along, mistaking "ochi-tsuke" for "chichi-mome" ("grope her boobs"). As it turns out, everyone got Chouko's message wrong. Still doubles as Heartwarming because Kyouka manages to ease up and the gang ends up having fun.
      • Touya nosebleeds when Kazuma and he can overhear the girls from their part of the public bath. And when their conversations get more... steamy, it becomes a "bloodbath."
      • A cicada lands on Madoka and she freaks out, running out of the public bath with Momo following her. They end up running into a male crowd — with Kazuma and Touya included. Madoka's towel slips in Kazuma's eye view, and Touya sees a once again exposed Momo. They both nosebleed.
      • Kazuma and Touya being hospitalized for "severe blood loss." Aw well, at least Kazuma's happy.