Characters / Bloody Urban

Characters of Bloody Urban

Murray Manson

Ostensibly the series' main character, Murray is a nervous, awkward werewolf who moved to Sydney from Dublin, Ireland. Arguably one of the most level-headed members of the cast, to say nothing of the company he keeps.

Shannon 'Shaz' Arcuni

A ghoul, and Murray's co-worker and best friend. Self-described mad genius, obsessed with eating, chainsaws and True Art. Not to be left around corpses or animals.

Camille Domino

Murray's girlfriend; a crass, hot-headed female vampire with blue skin and a deformed face, who is 116 years old but emotionally about 12.


Shannon's vampiric ex-roommate, a laid back, dirty-looking stoner with a blue, leech-like appendage in place of a tongue.

Angelica Pasternak

An eccentric, childish Russian college student in her early 20's, and perennially-drunk flatmate of Libby.

Libby Neon

Angelica's roommate, a very attractive but ill-tempered Mad Veterinarian whose interests are motorcycles, animal rights and Ancient Astronauts.

Marvin the Velociraptor

Libby's pet dinosaur.


Shannon and Murray's Token Human coworker. Sometimes the audience surrogate (on facial expressions alone), loves pink things and kittens.


Another coworker of Murray's, Eric is a badly constructed Frankenstein's Monster who currently possesses the brain of advertising legend Leo Burnett and is sick of everyone else’s shenanigans..


Another commonly seen coworker at NTBD