Funny / Bloody Urban

  • "WEH."
  • The posters in the break room, if you look at the hi res version. Especially the post it note which is mostly illegible, save for "NO MORE GAMERA!"
    • Pony 2012. Ponies are evil. Spread the word.
      • The second break room noticeboard had scrawled, bloody writing covering a notice to not write directly onto the cork board.
  • Libby's microwave hungering for blood in Microwave.
  • Shaz sawing Amoeba Guy in half while their fellow creative team members stand around them chanting 'MITOSIS! MITOSIS!' It Makes Just as Much Sense in Context.
  • The Alt Text, sometimes.
  • Shaz somehow ending up on a date with a breatharian in Nourishment.